Littleton Fire Rescue turns to drone to help save lives

LITTLETON, Colo. — Firefighters in Littleton are hoping a drone will help the department keep a better eye on first responders and allow investigators to better understand how a fire began. On Monday, a fire was reported at the Terra Vista Apartment complex off of S. Federal Circle. The blaze damaged at least seven townhome […]

Drone Photography Is About To Get Way Better

Danish camera maker Phase One Industrial has unveiled a new aerial camera that could help take drone photography to the next level. The lightweight iXU 180 is the world’s smallest 80-megapixel medium format aerial camera, the company said in a statement. The camera can be integrated into small oblique systems that can fit inside a […]

Introducing the the world’s first ever Phantom Flex4K drone

What happens when you put a Phantom Flex4K high speed camera on a drone that has 12 motors and a payload capacity of 15lbs? You get to experience aerial photography nirvana that’s worth $250,000 and that’s exactly what the drone experts at Brain Farm did with their modified Heavy-Lift Aerigon Drone System — the world’s […]

Heat-seeking drones latest weapon in battle against rhino poachers

As night draped itself across the savanna in South Africa’s Kruger National Park, a small round disk twinkling with green lights and sounding like a swarm of bees rose straight up into the sky. Here, on the tarmac of a small airstrip near Skukuza, the latest in drone technology is being tested out as rangers […]

Say Hello to the TX8 — The 3D Printable Octocopter Drone, Featuring 10″ Props

When it comes radio controlled aerial vehicles, multicopters are more popular than ever. The 3D printing community has gone to great lengths in order to provide for 3D printable replacement parts for these accident prone vehicles–and some designers and developers have gone so far as to create entire 3D printed quadopters, hexacopters, and, in rare […]