Introducing the the world’s first ever Phantom Flex4K drone

What happens when you put a Phantom Flex4K high speed camera on a drone that has 12 motors and a payload capacity of 15lbs?

You get to experience aerial photography nirvana that’s worth $250,000 and that’s exactly what the drone experts at Brain Farm did with their modified Heavy-Lift Aerigon Drone System — the world’s first ever Phantom Flex4K drone.

The Phantom Flex4K itself is an amazing piece of equipment, capable of shooting 1000 frames per second at a resolution of 4K that makes for impressive footage where time slows down to a crawl — the type of slow motion footage commonly featured in action scenes in TV series such as Spartacus and movies such as The Matrix trilogy. When Brain Farm rigged their Aerigon Drone to lift a Flex4K camera, it literary brought the whole Phantom slow-motion experience to all new heights.

Brain Farm’s modified Aerigon cinema drone is the original bad ass of all cinema drones (Photo by Andy Bardon).

When Brain Farm started dreaming of their ultimate cinema drone, they discovered that the stock Aerigon did not have enough thrust to lift the Phantom Flex4K so they teamed up with Intuitive Aerial — the Swedish maker of the Aerigon Drone System, to come up with a turbo-charged version of their stock Aerigon drone and the results, as seen in the video below, are simply amazing.

Brain Farm’s modified Aerigon boasts an increase of 40% in its power output and a retooled gimbal to carry the Phantom Flex4K which weighs close to 15lbs. The project itself took 5 years to complete and what we have now is the equivalent of a flying Ferrari with 12 motors.

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