New 3DRobotics Drone Coming Soon

3DRobotics will be releasing a new drone on April 13, according to a teaser that was recently released on its website. The new model appears to depart from the utilitarian but functional design style of earlier 3DR drones such as the Iris+ and features an exciting new approach to aesthetics.

The teaser does not reveal much detail about the new drone but does give away its name — Solo, for a split second halfway through the video. My guess is the new drone will be called 3DRobotics Solo and will feature the latest APM 3.2 flight controller. 3DR seems to be emphasizing its ease of use with baboons in the video “handling” the drone and its transmitter.

In the video, the new drone sports a sleek body design with a glossy black 3DR logo over a matte black finish and is accompanied by a transmitter that comes with a phone holder — a clue that indicates the new drone probably comes with FPV as a standard feature. The transmitter itself looks ergonomically designed with two dials at the top which might possibly be used to control the drone’s camera gimbal.

The new 3DRobotics drone is scheduled to be revealed just 5 days after the release of another drone by rival company DJI which many expect to be the new Phantom 3.

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