The B-Unstoppable Is a Quadcopter That Also Doubles as a Tank

Quadcopters are great fun but what if you combined one with a tank? Enter the B-Unstoppable Quadcopter-Tank that has both amazing terrain and flight capabilities. The B-unstoppable drone on a single charge can fly for 9 or provide up to 12-18 min of driving with a combined endurance of 12-15 min. Watch the video below […]

GoPro to Make a Drone and Virtual Reality Filming Kit

GoPro’s chief executive has confirmed it will make its own quadcopter drones. Nick Woodman described the remote controlled aircraft as the “ultimate” accessory for his firm’s action cameras. He made the announcement at the Code Conference in California, where he also unveiled new kit to that helps capture video footage for virtual reality helmets. One […]

DJI’s Matrice M100 May Be Compatible With VR Goggles and Hand-Gesture Control

The new DJI Matrice M100 (previously known as the Matrix 100) may herald a new era of possibilities in multirotor technology. Aimed at developers, the M100 was designed specifically as a platform for developing new multirotor hardware and software. According to DJI, among the many possibilities with the M100 is its integration with Oculus VR […]

Drone Being Developed to Fly Autonomously Inside Fukushima Reactor Buildings

A drone is being developed to survey the interior of reactor buildings at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima No. 1 plant. The unmanned aircraft will use lasers to detect and avoid obstacles in flight and will be able to land to replace its batteries in the absence of an operator. A test flight was completed […]