Littleton Fire Rescue turns to drone to help save lives

LITTLETON, Colo. — Firefighters in Littleton are hoping a drone will help the department keep a better eye on first responders and allow investigators to better understand how a fire began.

On Monday, a fire was reported at the Terra Vista Apartment complex off of S. Federal Circle. The blaze damaged at least seven townhome units and the American Red Cross was offering assistance to at least three families. No injuries were reported for either residents or firefighters.

The fire allowed the department the chance to use an aerial drone to help survey the damage.

“When you’re up that high, and you’re looking at the damage from above, its easier to see those [burn] patterns,” said Hank Carter, a veteran firefighter with the department. In the last few years, fire departments across the country have turned to drones to help them better understand fire operations.

The drone carried a small camera that records digital video to be captured and later reviewed on a computer.

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