Parrot Unveils New Disco Fixed-Wing Drone

Parrot has released a new drone which ditches conventional quadcopter design in favor of a fixed-wing configuration. Dubbed the Disco, Parrot’s latest offering resembles a B-2 stealth bomber and takes off with a simple toss in the air. Fixed-wing RC aircraft are notorious for being hard to learn and pilot when compared to their multirotor […]

Meet Yuneec’s New Typhoon H Hexacopter

Yuneec International — makers of the popular Typhoon Q500 aerial photography drones, have just introduced a new hexacopter to their Typhoon lineup — the Typhoon H. The Typhoon H addresses demands by consumers who want a more sophisticated drone that delivers pro grade features at prosumer prices. Equipped with a 360-degree camera gimbal system and […]

EHang Launches Autonomous Aerial Vehicle for People

EHang recently unveiled what it calls the world’s first personal Autonomous Aerial Vehicle (AAV) in a multirotor guise. Dubbed the 184, EHang’s latest and probably boldest creation to date is currently being showcased at CES 2016. At the heart of the EHang 184 is a fully autonomous system designed for transporting one passenger and luggage […]

DJI Introduces Phantom 3 4K and Updated Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition

DJI has recently unveiled a new addition to the Phantom 3 lineup — the Phantom 3 4K and a newly updated Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition at CES 2016. The Phantom 3 4K, as its name suggests, comes with a 4K gimbal-stabilized camera with remote control buttons for playback, video recording and camera shutter. The […]

Fleye Drone Ditches Conventional Design for Spherical Simplicity

What has the same size and weight as a soccer ball, flies in the air and takes videos and photos? There’s only one thing that fits that description and it’s the Fleye Drone. At first glance, the Fleye Drone looks like something that came out of a science fiction movie. Drones generally look futuristic but […]

Dream Flights Takes Drone Virtual Reality to Greater Heights

In the past year, virtual reality (VR) technology has made inroads into the drone industry with a number of new consumer drones such as EHang’s Ghost Drone 2.0 already sporting VR in their spec sheets. Although the technology has become more affordable over the years, the use of VR in drones have largely been limited […]

ProDrone’s Byrd Is One Portable Heavy Lifter

When it comes to lifting heavy cameras such as DSLRs into the air, photographers have mostly been limited to large and cumbersome aerial photography platforms that were not only heavy but also complicated to set up and transport. Most of these heavy duty drones also make use of open airframes with exposed components and wiring. […]