Want to fly a drone? You may need a RPA licence says the SACAA

Cape Town — South Africa is taking the lead in Africa by joining seven other states at an International Civil Aviation Organisations (ICAO) Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) Symposium to discuss how existing aviation rules need to evolve to meet the challenges in order to introduce Drones, as they are commonly referred to — safely […]

Amazon And Google Delivery Drones Will Likely Fly In Europe First

Recent developments in European aviation regulations mean that innovators like Amazon, Google and DHL will likely find a more permissive environment in Europe than in America. That environment makes it increasingly likely that Amazon and their competitor’s first delivery drone flights will be taking place in Europe, not in America. Europe’s claim to drone innovation […]

Facebook wants solar drone to bring Internet far and wide

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…a giant Internet router? That could be the reaction later this year when Facebook gets its high-flying, wide-wingspan drone off the ground. At its F8 conference on Thursday, Facebook revealed that it had made a first test flight of an unmanned aerial vehicle. That drone, though, was a small-scale […]

Amazon now testing delivery drones in Canada

After facing endless rounds of red tape in the US, Amazon is now conducting extensive testing of its delivery drones at British Columbia, Canada. According to The Guardian, the e-commerce giant decided to focus its testing program in Canada following repeated warnings that stringent aviation regulations in the US were impeding on its efforts to […]