Meet DYS’s New 230-size FPV Racer

China-based Dong Yang Model Technology (popularly known as DYS) have been quite busy this year, releasing a number of enthusiast-level 250-size quadcopter racers and an entire line of multirotor platforms and kits aimed at the professional aerial photography market. One of its more recent models is the X230 QuadCam — a Ready-to-Fly (RTF) 230-size quadcopter […]

Mind-Controlled Drone Developed in Russia

A neuro-interface developed in Russia makes it possible to steer a drone by a pilot’s mind alone, Russia media wrote on Tuesday. The interface was designed by Neurobotics Company and ordered by the Future Studies Fund in Moscow. “The FSF wanted the demonstrator operating the quadcopter to simultaneously do something else to make sure that […]