7-Eleven Makes First FAA-Approved Drone Delivery

One of the first proposed uses of drones was to be used as efficient deliverers of small packages and light goods. They would eliminate costs by saving on middlemen and warehousing. They would be quicker too – drones can travel as the crow flies, directly to their destination, simply flying over any obstacles in their […]

Drone Racing Nationals Attracts 150 Competitors From Around the World

Recent years have seen the inevitable rise in popularity of rotorcopters in sports. From the first enthusiasts racing their drones around parks and woodland, the sport has spawned a number of national and international racing organizations, which are now vying to become top dog in a multimillion-dollar industry. The two words on everyone’s lips are […]

FPV Racing Takes Off to a Whirring Start in Malaysia

The past two years has witnessed the rise of FPV racing in Malaysia with the Ecoworld Multi Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur being the latest event in a fast-growing sport that is attracting a rapidly growing fan base in the country. The Ecoworld Multi GP Kuala Lumpur which concluded recently at the Bintang Convention Centre attracted […]

Wingsland S6 Sets a Whole New Standard for Selfie Drones

I‘ve seen a number of selfie drones being released in the last twelve months. Some of them have been quite notable such as the Hover Camera and the Zerotech Dobby but the latest Wingsland S6 seems to have set new standards for the selfie drone segment altogether. The foldable S6 looks like a pocket drone […]