US Researchers Make Advances in 3D Printing on Human Skin

The research paper published in April’s edition of the Advanced Materials journal detailed the use of a customized 3D printer to print electronics onto the skin of a human hand. This research, carried out at the University of Minnesota, represented the latest in an impressive string of breakthroughs in the field of 3D printing technology. […]

Meet the Parrot Anafi — Parrot’s Answer to the DJI Mavic Pro

There’s a type of drone that is currently trending in the consumer UAV industry. Compact, foldable, and equipped with HD and 4K cameras. These easy to carry drones are making everybody’s delight. This foldable camera drone mania started with DJI Mavic, but there are now many companies trying to replicate its success. Introducing the Parrot […]

The GearBest Mid Year Sale Offers Discounts of over 50%

If you’re looking to buy a drone or RC toy, consider checking out GearBest’s ongoing Mid Year Sale which currently offers exciting discounts of over 50%. A wide range of drones ranging from toy grade quadcopters to professional aerial photography drones such as the DJI Mavic Pro Platinum are currently on offer. Not only that, […]