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HyDrone 1800 Makes 3-Hour Drone Flights Possible

The HyDrone 1800 is the result of a breakthrough which has been made by the Multirotorcopter Aero Technology Company, or MMC. It is being billed as the first drone to use hydrogen fuel technology, to be made available for commercial usage.


FreeBird One Aims to Set New Standards for UAVs

At first glance, the FreeBird One looks like just another commercial drone. It has enclosed rotors and comes in a quadcopter guise. It all seems conventional — on the surface, at least, until you look...


FLYBi Merges Virtual Reality and Drones

When it comes to immersive flying, FPV (First Persion View) systems have long been the standard by which everything else was compared against. Now things are going…


The Iranian Drone That Saves Lives

Every year, hundreds of people drown in the Caspian Sea. This, along with other statistics from around the world, inspired 28-year old robotic engineer Amin Rigi from Iran…


NASA and Verizon to Develop Drone Tracking System

With the number of civilian and commercial drones in the air increasing with every single day, it’s about time that someone came up with a system to manage this ever increasing traffic of flying robots in the skies.


DJI Inspire 1 (Review)

Beauty and brains don’t normally mix. But when they do merge occasionally, the results can be quite amazing. In the case of the Inspire 1 — DJI’s flagship consumer drone for aerial photography — form and function have merged into a near perfect balance of aesthetics and cutting-edge functionality.

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