Dubai 210mm ARF Kit Now on Sale at GearBest

GearBest is now offering the Dubai 210mm ARF (Almost Ready to Fly) kit at a discounted price of $159.99. Now that’s a very attractive price for a mini racing drone kit that has lots to offer despite looking quite unassuming.

As many would have guessed by now, the Dubai 210mm kit got its name from the city of Dubai which was the venue for the final leg of the 2016 World Drone Prix. In fact, the Dubai 210mm kit has a striking resemblance to the drones used by participants at the Dubai finals although I’m not too sure if the company that sells the kit also supplied the World Drone Prix with drones.

Photos of the recently concluded race show a number of participants like Chad Nowak and reigning champion Luke Bannister with drones that look very similar to the Dubai 210mm. This is particularly true if you look at the EMAX RS2205 motors which have a red-colored lower base.

Regardless of whether it is indeed a replica of the drones that were raced in the World Drone Prix, the Dubai 210mm has some really decent specs. Below is a list of items in the kit as sold at GearBest:

  • EMAX RS2205 2300kv Motors
  • SPRacing F3 Deluxe Flight Controller
  • OCDay BLheli 20amp ESCs
  • 3K Carbon Fiber 210mm Frame (1.5mm sheet thickness)
  • Power Distribution Board (5V/12V BEC’s)
  • 5045BN Propellers
  • Net weight: 91g

Recommended battery type is 3S 8.4V – 12.6V with a capacity of 1300 to 1500mAh and discharge rate of 30C. 4 cell batteries are not recommended as they’re not compatible with the 20A ESCs.

The most impressive component of the kit is probably the EMAX RS2205 motor. These high performance motors are said to be very well balanced and are key to the Dubai’s smoothness and stability in the air.

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