Author: Adrin Sham


FuriBee F90 (In-Depth Review)

Of late, many manufacturers have started introducing ready-to-fly micro drones with 5.8G FPV. The FuriBee F90 is one such model that was introduced late last year and stands out from the rest with its unique yellow bee theme.


EHang 184 Passenger-carrying Drones May Start Operating in Dubai by July

The city of Dubai has announced plans to use EHang 184 passenger-carrying drones as an alternative form of transportation to ease traffic congestion along its roads. Mattar al-Tayer — head of Dubai’s Roads & Transportation Agency, said the drone would begin operations by July.


The Q353 is WLToys’ Latest Triphibious Drone

More than a year after the release of the Q202, WLToys has decided to take another stab at producing triphibious drones. Enter the Q353 — the company’s latest toy drone that can travel in the air, on land and on water.


DARPA’s New Project Sidearm Can Catch Drones in Mid-air

Remember how Mr. Miyagi caught flies using chopsticks in Karate Kid and how swift and precise he was? Well, the Pentagon’s research wing — DARPA, now has an apparatus that in some ways mimics Mr. Miyagi’s fly catching skills.


Syma Unveils New X20, X21, X19 and X15 Toy Quadcopters

Syma recently unveiled a whole new range of toy quadcopters aimed at the sub-$100 price segment. The new lineup includes an update to its X9 Explorers “flying car” — the new X19W and a range of compact selfie drones.


Turnigy 9XR Pro (In-Depth Review)

The Turnigy X9R Pro is the updated version of the earlier X9R and offers an affordable alternative to more expensive transmitters with pro grade features such as the Taranis X9D Plus. Despite its reasonable price tag, the Turnigy has pro ambitions as suggested by its name.


Newcomer Tovsto Has Promising Range of Consumer Drones

Shenzhen-based Tovsto may be a new brand in consumer drones having been in the market for only a year but that hasn’t stopped it from fielding an impressive lineup of drones ranging from small FPV racers to industrial drones.

The WLToys Q393 Is World’s First Toy Drone with Telemetry

It’s good to see trickle down technology made available in toy drones from time to time. WLToys’ latest Q393 is one such toy drone to feature technology that was once only available in more advanced drones — telemetry.

You Won’t Believe How Durable the Nimbus 195 Racing Drone Is

The Nimbus 195 racing drone can slam into walls, crash into mud and water and continue flying. Heck, even the propellers won’t break and it can get rolled over by a car and still survive. It is quite possibly the most durable racing drone ever produced.

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