Author: Adrin Sham


TYRC TY6 Sky Overlord (Review)

Some time in the second half of last year, we began to see some really unusual toy drone designs. These include the bottle-shaped Lishitoys L6059W and a slew of other oddly-shaped sub-$100 quadcopters. The TYRC TY6 Sky Overlord is one such toy drone that was released at the end of last year which doesn’t quite conform to the word “conventional”.


Exciting DJI Mavic Air Deals at GeekBuying for European Buyers

DJI’s latest consumer drone — the Mavic Air is currently flying off retail shelves and selling like hotcakes but buying one online isn’t exactly straightforward for some people. This is particularly true if you live in one of those countries that are not covered by the DJI Store.


DJI Spark (Review)

When DJI released the Spark in May last year, it surprised many. Prior to its release, DJI was a brand known for producing much larger aerial photography drones. In other words, nothing less than a diagonal motor size of 350mm so the decision to come up with a palm-sized drone was quite unexpected.


Hubsan X4 H216A Desire Pro (Review)

It’s always exciting to see trickle-down technology appearing in toy drones. Since the end of last year, GPS has started making an appearance in sub-$100 toy drones such as the Hubsan H216A Desire Pro which is the subject of this review.


JJRC Q45 (Review)

Just two years ago, FPV cameras were commonly found only on drones but lately they’ve been making an appearance on RC cars. As it turns out, driving an RC car with an FPV camera is about as fun as flying FPV drones.


HHD H3 (In-Depth Review)

The HHD H3 is a multi-purpose RC toy that can function as a quadcopter, RC tank and jumping car. At a price of just $58, it offers plenty of value and makes a great gift for kids.


JGAurora A3S (In-Depth Review)

When the latest range of JGAurora 3D printers first became available at GearBest a few weeks ago, I was really excited. The new printers are all ready-to-print models and they are all fairly affordable. Best of all, they look really good, especially the A3S and A5.

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