Author: Adrin Sham


Lishitoys L6059W (In-Depth Review)

This year we’re seeing quite a number of quirky toy drone designs appearing and the Lishitoys L6059W is one such model. This is one selfie drone that looks like it was inspired by the AeroSystems’ Sprite drone which appeared two years ago.


DJI Unveils New Zenmuse X7 Camera

DJI unveiled its latest aerial camera — the Zenmuse X7 two days ago after about a week of intense speculation among fans and industry observers. Along with the X7 comes the world’s first aerial lens mount system for 35mm cameras — the DL-Mount and four prime lenses.


3 New Coupons for Selfie Drones at RCMoment

RCMoment is currently offering 3 coupons for a couple of entry-level selfie drones. This includes the JJRC H43WH, S29W and JJRC H66 Egg Drone which comes in a special Christmas theme.


Could DJI Be Unveiling the New Phantom 5 on October 11?

About a week ago, DJI released a teaser video that hinted on a new product to be released on October 11. Since the video’s release about a week ago, speculation has been rife about what exactly DJI has under wraps at the moment.


Exciting DJI and JJRC Coupons at TOMTOP

TOMTOP is currently offering a few good coupon deals for some highly popular DJI and JJRC products. The list includes a few DJI Mavic Pro kits, DJI Phantom 3, JJRC H37 and JJRC H47. This is a wide price range, I would say, covering the sub-$100 toy drone segment all the way up to the class-leading Mavic Pro.


TronXY Unveils Updated X3S

arely months after the release of the X3S, TronXY has unveiled an updated version of its budget large volume 3D printer. The new version still carries the name X3S and has been updated to...

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