Author: Adrin Sham


$3.4 Million Patriot Missile VS $200 Quadcopter

If you think shooting down a drone with a firearm is crazy, think again. A US Army general has recently revealed something that redefines crazy altogether in the world of drones — the story of a Patriot surface-to-air missile which was used to shoot down a $200 quadcopter.


Leaked Photos Reveal Upcoming Foldable Drone by Zerotech

It looks like a new brand is planning to enter the foldable camera drone market soon. This time it’s Zerotech — makers of the popular Dobby selfie drone. The company’s upcoming foldable drone seems like it was designed to compete directly against the DJI Mavic Pro.


The $200 PowerUp FPV Drone Is Not Your Ordinary Paper Airplane

Every one or two months, we’ll be peppered with news of new RC toys. The list usually includes multirotor drones, RC cars, planes, boats and helicopters but one company has released a new toy that doesn’t quite fit into the usual categories for RC toys.

Meet the Flamethrower Drone

Ever since industrial drones started making inroads into firefighting, they have largely been used to put out fires. Companies such as Lockheed Martin have developed drones that can be used to drop water on fire but a company in China has recently found a new and novel way of using drones — by using them to start fires.

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