UD2168A King Leopard (In-Depth Review)

The UD2168A is an entry-level RC stunt car that costs less than $100. It is a four wheel drive car and can handle all kinds of terrain including steep rock climbs thanks to its beefy rubber tires.

When I first unboxed the sample featured in this review, I was quite surprised at how big the King Leopard is. It’s larger than most RC cars and because of this, it’s not exactly meant for indoor use unless you have an exceptionally large home. The review sample here was kindly sponsored by Light In The Box. Unfortunately, I am unable to provide any product links for the King Leopard because for some reason, LITB has stopped selling it just before this review was published. They may restock it again in the future though I am not too sure about this. It is, however, available at other online stores.

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The Leopard is different from other RC stunt cars in the sense that it can still be driven when it is inverted or has turned turtle. Other RC cars simply can’t move one they’ve turned turtle but the Leopard will just continue driving on thanks to its large tires. It also has two stance modes — Low and High. When you press the button at the center of the remote, the Leopard will raise its body, providing plenty of ground clearance if you want to negotiate tricky and steep off-road terrain.

In High mode, the car’s turning radius becomes smaller allowing you to make tighter turns. However, the Leopard does become less stable in this mode due to the higher center of gravity and is prone to toppling over if you drive it fast enough, especially when making tight and fast turns. If that does happen, all you need to do is switch to Low mode and it can continue driving.

In Low mode, the car’s body is a lot lower to the ground and the wheelbase is increased. This creates for more stability and you can drive it fast without worrying about it toppling over. Turning radius gets bigger in Low mode so this mode is not very suited to rough and technical terrain. The combination of Low and High modes, fat rubber tires and four wheel drive makes the Leopard an RC car that is a lot of fun to drive.

There’s only one major weakness I can find in the Leopard and it is the throttle and steering which don’t provide variable control. This means the throttle is either on (full power) or off, there is no in betweens. This is the same with the steering. When turning left or right, the car would just turn at its sharpest angle. This lack of variable control is normal for an RC car that costs less than $100. If you’re looking for variable control, consider buying an RC car that costs more than $100.

Another issue I find with the Leopard is the glossy plasti body is vulnerable to scratches and scrapes. This is true when you drive the Leopard in High mode and it topples over, causing the top of the body to scrape against the ground. If you’re concerned about scratches, then covering the body with some foam padding can protect it from direct contact with the ground or other hard surfaces.

The Leopard comes with a 9.6V 1000mAh Ni Mh battery which provides a drive time of about 15 minutes. The battery bay is a bit tight so if you intend on getting one, be careful not to clip the battery’s silicone wires as this could lead to short circuits which can cause a fire or even an explosion. Clipping of the wires can happen when installing the battery.


For less than $100, the King Leopard offers plenty of RC car fun. It is certainly provides plenty of value thanks to its size and stunt capabilities. When testing it, I brought it to a playground where there were children playing and they were fascinated by it besides having a lot of fun chasing it around.

With that said, the Leopard makes a nice gift for youngsters aged 14 and above. Due to its large size, I wouldn’t recommend it for kids below 10 years of age. Although the Leopard is not currently available at LITB, the store still has a fine range of RC stunt cars on offer so be sure to check them out at Light in The Box.

UD2168A King Leopard

UD2168A King Leopard


9.2 /10


8.7 /10

Features and Performance

7.2 /10

Drive Time

7.5 /10

Build Quality

7.0 /10


  • Big RC stunt car for less than $100
  • Dual modes (High and Low)
  • Four wheel drive / All terrain


  • No variable speed / steering control

Adrin Sham

Adrin Sham is a designer and photographer turned drone enthusiast. Since buying a drone for aerial photography some years ago, he has since developed a passion for UAVs and all things related.

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