7 New Brushless Mini FPV Racers at GearBest

Just a little over a year ago, ready-made mini brushless FPV racers were a rare breed. In fact, they were almost non-existent until later in the year. Now buyers are spoilt with a wide range of mini brushless racers from a number of brands such as DYS and Ideafly.

This year is a really good time to get into the hobby of mini FPV racing. If you just don’t like the hassle of building your own Tiny Whoop, get a ready-made one instead. Here is a list of our favorite new sub-100mm mini brushless racers from popular online store GearBest. The common features found on all these drones are 5.8G FPV and brushless motors — staple features for any serious FPV racing enthusiast.

Jumper X86

The Jumper X86 has one of the best crash-proof designs in this list. It has propellers with ducts and a fully enclosed camera canopy. No fragile parts sticking out and exposed except for its battery which sits hung at the bottom. With these features, the X86 is great for indoor flying where crashes are more likely to happen compared to outdoor spaces.

Another cool feature it has is the F3 flight controller with integrated OSD. The X86 is currently available only in green with a FrSky D8 receiver. It is not clear if there are different versions for Flysky or DSM2/DSMX users because at the moment GearBest only has the FrSky version in stock.

Warlark Pro – 85

Like the Jumper X86, the Warlark Pro – 85 has ducted props and a fully enclosed FPV camera. But while the X86 is available only for FrSky radios, the Warlark is available for FrSky, DSM2/DSMX and FlySky. It’s also available in orange or deep blue.

The propellers on the Warlark also appear more robust with a shorter five-blade design which is great for durability. The Warlark Pro – 85 is currently available for pre-order at GearBest.


The DYS Elf has the biggest variety of colors in this list and is available in white, red, blue, purple or black. Unfortunately, it is only compatible with FrSky radios so Spektrum and FlySky users will not be having any luck in flying the Elf any time soon.

Like the Warlark and Jumper, the DYS Elf features ducted motors and fully enclosed camera but it has a few features that give it the edge over those two models — a carbon fiber frame and an 800TVL camera making it one of the most competent models in this list.  The Elf is also available in BNF and RTF kits.


The XF90 features a very open and exposed design — not exactly what you need if you’re prone to crashing. That cloverleaf antenna with its rigid mount is probably the first thing that’s going to break in a hard crash. However, the XF90 makes up for it with a solid carbon fiber frame and excellent AIO FPV camera that features 800TVL and switchable field of view (120 / 150 degrees).

It also features switchable FPV transmitter power and range (25mW / 100mW / 200mW). With that said, the XF90 scores the highest when it comes to on-the-fly customization. It even features LED light colors that can be customized via the flight controller. The XF90 is available without a receiver or you can choose from the FlySky, FrSky or R6DSM versions.

Arfun Pro

The Arfun Pro is the slightly bigger 95mm brother of the Arfun 90mm and features a more solid carbon fiber frame with 3mm thick plates. It is also the only model in this list that is compatible with 3S batteries making it the fastest of the lot.

There is also a 80dB buzzer at the rear with programmable LED lights (blue, red or purple).

Lanchi Monster

The Lanchi Monster is one of the newer models in this list and is currently available for pre-order only. It also features the newer F4 flight controller and is available in FrSky and Flysky BNF variants. A PNP version (without receiver) is also available.

Though not exactly the most elegant-looking, the Monster’s frame is made of carbon fiber with plate thickness of 1.5mm to 2mm. A flexible omnidirectional FPV antenna sits on top of the camera and shouldn’t be an issue in crashes.

Ideafly IF88

The Ideafly IF88 probably has the most vulnerable (and strangest) design in this list with a main board that is fully exposed at the top. It also has the most unique layout with the main board placed diagonally and FPV camera that sits low in the front.

If you’re planning to get one and fast and furious is your flying style then consider creating a custom canopy cover for the main board. Like the Lachi Monster, the IF88 features an F4 flight controller. It is available in FrSky XM, Flysky FS or PNP (no receiver) versions.

Adrin Sham

Adrin Sham is a designer and photographer turned drone enthusiast. Since buying a drone for aerial photography some years ago, he has since developed a passion for UAVs and all things related.

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