Amazon Prime Air Makes Its First Drone Delivery

On December 7 of 2016, Amazon successfully delivered its first customer package in Cambridgeshire, England after moving its aerial delivery tests from the United States to England due to the FAA’s inability to pave the way for commercial drone delivery services. Despite various hurdles, Amazon kept on investing and testing its Prime Air service overseas. The company’s drone service promises to be the next big step in product delivery for commercial purposes.

History will remember this event as the day the first commercial drone delivery by a major company took place successfully in England’s countryside in which one of Amazon’s Prime Air drones flew around 13 minutes to deliver a 4.7-pound (2.13kg) package. Amazon’s goal for its drone program is to be able to deliver packages to clients in under 30 minutes.

At the moment, the Amazon Prime Air service is not available to all customers as the online retailer is still testing and optimizing its drone service. Only a few Amazon shoppers have limited access to this service at the moment. However, the service is expected to expand soon, allowing deliveries to customers living within 5 miles of a small Cambridge fulfillment center starting mid-2017.

On December 1, 2013, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos revealed plans for Amazon Prime Air and on December 7, 2016 the company officially made its first drone delivery. The next big thing in drones is already happening in Europe. US Amazon shoppers must wait for their government to find a way to deal with this new technology while taking into consideration America’s big concern about national security. In the meanwhile, England seems to be the playground where drone delivery seems to be developing fast, much due to the British aviation authorities who made it easier for Amazon to test and develop their drone services.

Amazon is not the only contender in this global race to develop the first fully functional drone delivery system on a large scale. Mainly due to the rising costs of shipping and the demand for faster deliveries, online retailers are eager to find an alternative. Other major companies such as Google and UPS have also been seeking government approval to test their drone delivery projects. Such drone services would surely boost any company’s stock. One thing history has taught us is that society and customers are always enthusiastic about a cheaper and faster alternative to anything. Therefore, the first company to provide a fully working drone delivery service will be much ahead of its competitors.

What do you think of the Amazon Prime Air service? Will it be the future of commercial retail delivery? We will find out in the next coming years. For now, leave us your opinion in the comment section below.

Julio Ventura

Julio Ventura is the co-founder of and writes prolifically about drones and UAVs. Besides managing his own website, Julio also contributes to various other high profile drone websites and publications.

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