DJI Introduces Phantom 3 4K and Updated Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition

DJI has recently unveiled a new addition to the Phantom 3 lineup — the Phantom 3 4K and a newly updated Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition at CES 2016.

The Phantom 3 4K, as its name suggests, comes with a 4K gimbal-stabilized camera with remote control buttons for playback, video recording and camera shutter. The Phantom 3 4K is really not much different from its other siblings in the Phantom 3 range and features only minor changes and tweaks.

The biggest difference is the use of WiFi for the P3 4K’s video downlink instead of DJI’s Lightbridge. The WiFi downlink has a claimed broadcast range of 1.2km. The use of WiFi instead of DJI’s class-leading Lightbridge is meant to keep the cost of the P3 4K down as Paul Pan, DJI’s Senior Product Manger comments:

The Phantom 3 4K fills an important gap in our Phantom portfolio. It offers a high-quality camera and smart navigation system for a lower price than our professional models. This is possible, as we have replaced the DJI Lightbridge system with a built-in WiFi link.

In conjunction with the company’s 10th anniversary, DJI is offering the Phantom 3 4K at a promotional price of $799. The promotion also extends to the Phantom 3 Advanced which now retails for $799 and the entry-level Phantom 3 Standard at $499.

DJI also took the opportunity to showcase its latest update to its Inspire 1 flagship line — the Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition.

The latest Inspire 1 is DJI’s answer to calls from drone enthusiasts for an all-black version of the original Inspire 1. The Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition comes with a matte black transmitter, battery and body shell and comes with the Zenmuse X5 camera gimbal system which features a Micro 4/3 camera.

It can’t get any blacker than that, really.

To make sure there is at least some variety, DJI will continue to sell the original Inspire 1 alongside the new model for those who don’t quite like having an all-black drone.

The Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition is expected to sell for about $4,799.

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