DIY Drones Are Coming: Assemble in 30 Minutes, Use It for Almost Anything You Can Imagine

If you have about $1,000 to spare and just want to take videos of things from the sky, then you should get a consumer drone. But if you want a drone that can hear, smell, or play laser tag, you’ll have to build one yourself. Thanks to a new drone kit from a startup called […]

Micro Drone 3.0 Shoots HD Video Stabilized by a Mini-robotic Gimbal

Small, palm-sized quadcopters have a certain appeal within the increasingly cramped drone market. They are portable, low-risk and generally an inexpensive way for rookie pilots to learn the ropes. But these pint-sized robots have their shortcomings. In developing its new Micro Drone 3.0, UK company Extreme Fliers has set out to work features typically found […]

Fly4Me Gets FAA Approval, Launches ‘Uber for Drones’

One of the first companies to get a drone business off the ground in New England is not a next-generation robotics company but rather a small startup that’s betting that people are already itching to hire freelance drone pilots for an aerial photoshoot. Cambridge-based Fly4Me hosts a website that connects drone pilots with customers who […]

Drones Used to Monitor Shark Activity Near Beach

Equipped with camera gimbal systems that are capable of capturing and broadcasting crystal clear video down to operators on the ground, drones have quickly become invaluable tools in monitoring large areas of land and sea. This, along with tumbling prices and increasingly sophisticated features have made them a popular tool for aerial surveillance around the […]

Drone Crashes and Injures Woman at Seattle Pride Parade

The 41st annual Pride Parade at Seattle on Sunday was a blast, until a wayward drone crashed and knocked a woman unconscious, prompting police to look for its owner who apparently fled the scene soon after the incident. The 2-pound drone, which is estimated to cost about $1,200, had initially crashed into a building before […]