The Alta from Freefly Systems is one bad ass professional hexacopter

Freefly Systems has unveiled the Alta — its latest professional aerial platform for 2015 and one bad ass of a hexacopter. The Alta, which was showcased at the recent NAB 2015, features Freefly’s new Synapse flight controller and is aimed at professional aerial photographers. It also has carbon fiber arms that can be folded in horizontally to reduce its size for easy transportation.

Setting up the Alta takes only 5 minutes and it can carry a payload of up to 15lbs which means you can use it to take some serious photography gear up in the air such as Red, Arri and other professional cameras.

The Movi gimbal can be mounted at the bottom or on top of the Alta, giving you more creative freedom when filming (Photo by Jason Cole/RCGroups).

The Alta can be used with the Movi gimbal which can be mounted at the bottom or on top for some added versatility and creativity when filming in the air. Imagine mounting your camera on top of the Alta, flying under a bridge and pointing the camera upwards to film the underside of the bridge — this is one unique filming angle you don’t normally get with other aerial photography platforms.

The Alta’s arms can be folded inwards horizontally to reduce its size for easier transportation (Photo by Jason Cole/RCGroups).

The Freefly Systems Alta is scheduled to be released in June with a price of $8495. You can also pre-order one now with a deposit of $1000. For more details, visit Freefly Systems.

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