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The $200 PowerUp FPV Drone Is Not Your Ordinary Paper Airplane

Every one or two months, we’ll be peppered with news of new RC toys. The list usually includes multirotor drones, RC cars, planes, boats and helicopters but one company has released a new toy that doesn’t quite fit into the usual categories for RC toys.

Teenage Whiz Kid Builds Life-Saving Drone

17-year old student Dhruv Karthik of India has made it into the esteemed list of finalists in the Drones for Good competition with a drone design that could be used to assist firefighters in sweeping tall skyscrapers during emergencies.

Meet the Flamethrower Drone

Ever since industrial drones started making inroads into firefighting, they have largely been used to put out fires. Companies such as Lockheed Martin have developed drones that can be used to drop water on fire but a company in China has recently found a new and novel way of using drones — by using them to start fires.

Land and Air RC Toys Sale at GearBest

GearBest is currently having a sales campaign for land and air RC toys. Popular models such as the Ideafly Grasshopper F210 and FuriBee F90 are up for grabs at highly attractive discounts. Besides drones there is also a wide variety of other toys such as RC cars, excavators and accessories such as transmitters.

FuriBee F90 (In-Depth Review)

Of late, many manufacturers have started introducing ready-to-fly micro drones with 5.8G FPV. The FuriBee F90 is one such model that was introduced late last year and stands out from the rest with its unique yellow bee theme.

EHang 184 Passenger-carrying Drones May Start Operating in Dubai by July

The city of Dubai has announced plans to use EHang 184 passenger-carrying drones as an alternative form of transportation to ease traffic congestion along its roads. Mattar al-Tayer — head of Dubai’s Roads & Transportation Agency, said the drone would begin operations by July.

The Q353 is WLToys’ Latest Triphibious Drone

More than a year after the release of the Q202, WLToys has decided to take another stab at producing triphibious drones. Enter the Q353 — the company’s latest toy drone that can travel in the air, on land and on water.

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