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World’s First 3D-printed Bridge Unveiled in The Netherlands

It wasn’t long ago when we first read the reports of small buildings being successfully 3D-printed. Now the Dutch have come up with the world’s first 3D-printed bridge. Located in Gemert, the small bridge was designed for cyclists by the Eindhoven University of Technology and assisted by construction company BAM Infra.


UD2168A King Leopard (In-Depth Review)

The UD2168A is an entry-level RC stunt car that costs less than $100. It is a four wheel drive car and can handle all kinds of terrain including steep rock climbs thanks to its beefy rubber tires.


FEILUN FX176C1 (In-Depth Review)

One of the few interesting trickle-down technologies that have made their way into cheap toy drones this year is GPS navigation. Just two years ago, GPS was a feature you’d find only on drones that cost at least a few hundred dollars. Now it’s possible to get a sub-$100 toy drone with GPS that actually works.


How Can a Drone Be Used for Surveillance

When a mission is considered dangerous, dirty or annoying to humans, UAVs are desirable and used for such operations. Unmanned aerial vehicles have different purposes, but one of its most useful goals is tracking and monitoring.


Lishitoys L6059W (In-Depth Review)

This year we’re seeing quite a number of quirky toy drone designs appearing and the Lishitoys L6059W is one such model. This is one selfie drone that looks like it was inspired by the AeroSystems’ Sprite drone which appeared two years ago.


DJI Unveils New Zenmuse X7 Camera

DJI unveiled its latest aerial camera — the Zenmuse X7 two days ago after about a week of intense speculation among fans and industry observers. Along with the X7 comes the world’s first aerial lens mount system for 35mm cameras — the DL-Mount and four prime lenses.

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