New World Record Indoor 3D Print Is a Campervan

A Canadian company has seen off the previous world record for indoor printing with a plastic filament campervan. The 3D-printed van – a world first in itself – is over three times larger than the previous record holder, measuring just under two by four meters, being six feet wide and thirteen feet long. Specialists at […]

This American Company Took Only 1 Day to 3D-print a House

US construction firm ICON unveiled the first 3D-printed home to be given a permit, at last month’s South by Southwest tech conference in Austin, TX. The company built the home with mortar, using its own custom-built printers. The endeavor brought together experts in advanced materials, robotics and computer software to produce a viable and affordable […]

Could the J.ME Drone Be the Ultimate DJI Spark Killer?

When the DJI Spark was released over a year ago, it quickly became the world’s best selfie drone thanks to its mechanically stabilized 1080P camera, great camera image quality (for the price) and compact form factor. Since then, rivals have been trying to play catch up without much success. Among these is the Yuneec Breeze […]

Ehang’s Massive 1374-Drone Show in Xian Was a Record-breaking Event, with a Little Hiccup.

Xi’an, a former capital of dynastic China, in the country’s Shaanxi province, is perhaps most commonly associated with tradition and history. Yet last month, the home of the Terracotta Warriors demonstrated to the world that, while its foundations may be ancient, its gaze is firmly on the future. The city hosted a mass drone performance […]

Drones Help Make Medical Services Faster and More Affordable in Nepal

As drones continue to become more and more ubiquitous in daily life, one of their most useful applications appears to be making good on its promise. Search and rescue drones have been saving lives for a number of years now, being employed by organizations such as the Red Cross, mountain rescue teams and even inner […]

US Researchers Make Advances in 3D Printing on Human Skin

The research paper published in April’s edition of the Advanced Materials journal detailed the use of a customized 3D printer to print electronics onto the skin of a human hand. This research, carried out at the University of Minnesota, represented the latest in an impressive string of breakthroughs in the field of 3D printing technology. […]