Could DJI Be Unveiling the New Phantom 5 on October 11?

About a week ago, DJI released a teaser video that hinted on a new product to be released on October 11. Since the video’s release about a week ago, speculation has been rife about what exactly DJI has under wraps at the moment. The video itself doesn’t say much, apart from being eloquently cryptic. Some […]

How Can a Drone Be Used for Surveillance

When a mission is considered dangerous, dirty or annoying to humans, UAVs are desirable and used for such operations. Unmanned aerial vehicles have different purposes, but one of its most useful goals is tracking and monitoring. Popularly known as drones, UAVs have become an essential gadget for the law enforcement agencies. Individuals and actors are […]

Exciting RC Deals at the GearBest 4th Anniversary Celebrations

It’s been four years now since GearBest came to the online retail scene and the popular store is now celebrating its 4th Anniversary with with a whole lineup of special deals and offers. The event is divided into three phases — Preheat, Formal and Encore. The Preheat which started two days ago offers plenty of […]

The New Fat Shark 101 Is an Affordable Introduction to FPV Racing for Beginners

Recently, Fat Shark released a new product that we wouldn’t normally expect from it — a ready-to-fly FPV racer kit complete with its own entry-level FPV headset. Although Fat Shark has always been synonymous with FPV, this is the first time the brand has released an FPV racer. As its name suggests, the Fat Shark […]