What to Expect From Drone War at CES 2016?

As the new year comes closer, the excitement for CES 2016, the world’s biggest technology event, grows among tech enthusiasts. Like every year, the event is likely to introduce a myriad of technologies that would prove to be breakthroughs.

Among a vast array of these gadgets, the drone section is expected to stun the consumers the most. This year, the user’s high preference proved demand for the device and hinted the industry has potential to grow even further. There are some commendable drones like Agras MG-1 by the Chinese drone giant, DJI, which helped farming industry.

Besides, a new camera introduced by the Chinese company for its drones, uses thermal technology and proves to be handy in multiple situations. DJI will reportedly release drones in the future that would be more impressive than the current ones. These include the drones that could write in sky using paint, track objects, and shoot multi-angle videos. The “sky writing” drone, displayed in a video, explains a concept drone that paints the sky and is controlled by an all-gesture interface.

However, DJI is not the only one, as there were some incredible drones by the giants like 3D Robotics and Parrot last year. As the competition and market potential are increasing, some new drones could also be expected by these companies at CES 2016.

GoPro’s Karma adds to the consumers’ excitement, as the company is renowned for action cameras. Although it is unsure as of yet, the action-camera maker is most likely to launch its drone at CES. The video available on the company’s official page reveals Karma’s amazing capabilities including a 350-degree camera.

Law enforcement agencies are seen using drones in an innovative manner. One example of such a drone is the quadcopter recently introduced by Tokyo Police. It is known as Interceptor Drone that can catch and stop other drones using a net. This means some more state-of-the-art drones are expected at CES that could prove to be helpful to law agencies.

Lily is one of the most awaited drones expected at CES. The 2.8-pound camera drone flies and follows the user via a tracking device. Moreover, it does not need the user to have a remote to control it.

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