GearBest Warehouse Clearance Sales

GearBest are having a clearance sales for their US and EU warehouses focusing on RC parts and accessories. Some really good deals are up for grabs with discounts up to 77%.

If you’re into RC and living in any of these two regions, now is the right time to splash some cash on that shopping wishlist you’ve been keeping for a while.

The promotion includes items such as RC cars and buggies, toy drones and accessories and Walkera Runner 250 packages and acessories.

Let’s take a look at some of the good RC warehouse clearance deals on offer at GearBest.

KD-Summit S600 RC Truck

The KD-Summit S600 is an entry level enthusiast-grade micro monster truck that has some features commonly found in more expensive RC trucks and buggies.

But don’t let the price fool you. At just $27.72, it may seem like just another gimmicky RC truck you’d find at Walmart or Tesco but the S600 actually has proportional speed control and proportional steering with a hobby grade servo. It also has a differential gear, independent suspension and can go up to 25km/h with a maximum control range of 60 meters.

The S600 has actually been selling at GearBest for roughly $28 since over a year ago so we’re not quite sure how this qualifies to be a clearance sale since there is hardly any drop in price. Still, GearBest has the lowest price for the S600 when other online sellers are retailing it at nearly double the price. This gives you a total discount of roughly 50 to 70% which is a lot.

HP P401 4WD

If you think the KD-Summit S600 is puny, try the HP 401 for size. This 1:10 scale 4WD car is a monster in terms of size and comes with independent suspension and 6 gear settings for tackling super steep off-road climbs. It also has an adjustable wheelbase.

The P401 reigns supreme when driven on rough off-road conditions and can even travel on very wet surfaces or on a few inches of water. GearBest is offering the HP401 at a special price of $99.99 — that’s roughly $50 to $70 cheaper than what most other sellers are offering. Now that’s what you call a great deal!

MJX X901 Mini Hexacopter

Micro toy drones normally come in the quadcopter guise but the MJX X901 is no quadcopter and is one of the few toy hexacopters out there available at such affordable prices — $14.92 to be exact. Why pay the same price for four motors when you can get the X901 with all its six motors?

Walkera Runner 250 – Basic 3 Package

The Walkera Runner 250 is one of the most popular ready-to-fly FPV packages out there and the Basic 3 package gives you all the bells and whistles you need sans FPV goggles. With the Basic 3 you get the Runner 250 quadcopter, battery charger, Devo 7 transmitter, one battery, HD camera, FPV transmitter and one OSD (On Screen Display) module.

All you need for the complete FPV experience is a FPV monitor or goggles of your choice. Priced at $264.50, the Walkera Runner 250 Basic 3 package at GearBest is one of the cheapest deals you can find for this 250 racer.

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