The Parrot Mambo Is Combat-ready

As video games are now generally accepted as a form of art, we can now say that drone manufacturer Parrot has just given us another example of real life mimicking art.

As recently as a couple of years ago, if someone had told you that they spent their weekend flying a miniature VTOL aircraft around, shooting at targets and dodging obstacles, you would simply have had to assume that they had been sat in front of a games console or computer the whole time. These days, however, the computer and games console may just have to move aside for the real thing.

Parrot has come up with a new drone, which it is calling its Mambo minidrone. It joins a growing list of drones which can launch projectiles, as well as pick up and drop off certain objects. When the Mambo hits shelves next month, Parrot hopes to cash in on the rising popularity of this market.


As a minidrone, it will come as no surprise to learn that the Mambo is pretty small. It weighs a mere 2.2 ounces, but packs a pretty good punch for its size. It is armed with a pellet cannon with a range of between six and seven feet. It’s unlikely that the military will be placing any orders for these remote airborne assault vehicles, but they look certain to have a market among children (both young and grown-up), who want to pop bubbles and play at aerial combat for real.

As mentioned, the Mambo not only can shoot, it can also grab and move smaller objects. Its grab claw can manage small objects, such as sugar cubes, which it can pick up and fly with without being weighed down. For an extra amount, you can also acquire LED nightlights for the drone. If you’re trying to have breakfast in bed, but you’ve forgotten the sugar cubes for your morning coffee, this drone plays fetch like no dog will ever be able to. The Mambo has a top speed of 18mph and can be launched by simply tossing it into the air. It’s yours for $119.

Another Parrot drone, which is due to be released next month, is the Swing. It features an X-wing and VTOL. Like the Mambo, it has a maximum speed of 18mph, but is more appropriate for operators who want to perform aerobatics. In addition, the drone has an autopilot feature. It’s yours for a mere $139.

Andrew Maxwell

Andrew is a former journalist who now works as a freelance writer specializing in tech and gadgets. He currently resides in Thailand.

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