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FQ777 126C Spider Drone (In-Depth Review)

Lately, toy drone manufacturers have been coming up with nano drones that come with transmitters that also double as carrying cases. The FQ777 126C nano hexacopter is one such model and features a very cool-looking transmitter cum carrying case.


MJX X601H (In-Depth Review)

The X601H is a new 290-size hexacopter and is part of the latest lineup of toy drones by MJX which were released just over a month ago. MJX is a new brand in the toy drone market that’s fast gaining popularity…


Meet Yuneec’s New Typhoon H Hexacopter

Yuneec International — makers of the popular Typhoon Q500 aerial photography drones, have just introduced a new hexacopter to their Typhoon lineup — the Typhoon H. The Typhoon H addresses demands by consumers who want a more sophisticated drone that delivers pro grade features at prosumer prices.


CyPhy Works Launches New Consumer Camera Drone

A new challenger has emerged in the consumer camera drone fight to take a slice of the market currently dominated by Chinese manufacturer DJI. It’s a company called CyPhy Works, whose CEO Helen Greiner...

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