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JJRC JJPro F01 (In-Depth Review)

When Quanum released the first version of its DIY FPV headset last year, entry-level FPV headsets have quickly become very popular among drone enthusiasts. Gone are the days when you had to fork out at least $300 for a pair of Fatsharks if you wanted to do some immersive FPV flying.

UDI U818A HD (In-Depth Review)

The U818A may have been around for some time but it still packs a good punch when it comes to value. It does not have the latest features in toy drones such as altitude hold and auto take-off/landing but I believe most people can live with its basic set of features…

Cheerson CX-10WD-TX WiFi (In-Depth Review)

The Cheerson CX-10WD-TX is currently the flagship CX-10 and has all the bells and whistles that Cheerson has to offer for its highly popular nano quadcopter series. This includes altitude hold, WiFi FPV and a transmitter that doubles as a carrying case.

FQ777 126C Spider Drone (In-Depth Review)

Lately, toy drone manufacturers have been coming up with nano drones that come with transmitters that also double as carrying cases. The FQ777 126C nano hexacopter is one such model and features a very cool-looking transmitter cum carrying case.

Syma X8HG (In-Depth Review)

In this review, we take a look at one of the most popular quadcopters around that can lift action cameras — the Syma X8HG.

Iceman3D D150 (In-Depth-Review)

The Iceman3D D150 is an entry-level 3D printer that offers plenty of connectivity options and is priced at just $639.99 with shipping at AliExpress. It is a really neat model with an enclosed casing designed for those who are still new to 3D printing.

Hubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ (In-Depth Review)

The Hubsan X4 Cam Plus H107C+ belongs to the latest lineup of Hubsan X4 micro quadcopters and is one of three models in the range. It succeeds the earlier H107C and sits between the flagship H107D+ which features 5.8G FPV and the entry-level H107P.

MJX X102H (In-Depth Review)

Enter the X102H — MJX’s latest 360-size GoPro lifter that competes directly against the Syma X8HG (the latest version of the X8G). The X102H not only matches the X8HG in terms of features, it also makes the X8HG look like a trusty old Toyota.

Tarot 130 TL130H1 (In-Depth Review)

Ever since the first sub-250 size models were introduced last year, racing drones have gotten smaller and smaller. The trend continues this year with a number of manufacturers unveiling models in the 120-200mm range.

MJX X916H (In-Depth Review)

MJX have been churning out some really interesting designs lately. The company has employed a particularly fresh aesthetic approach with its latest range of sub-$100 micro quadcopters.

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