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Eachine E56 (In-Depth Review)

The Eachine E56 is one of the more popular toy selfie drones in the market today thanks partly to its very affordable price and HD 720P camera. More importantly, the E56 stands out from the rest due to its less conventional g-sensor controller.


TronXY X5S (In-Depth Review)

The X5S is a large format DIY 3D printer kit from TronXY and is the only model from the company that features a CoreXY design Currently priced at just $290 with free shipping at GearBest, the X5S is a printer that offers fantastic value considering that it is a CoreXY 3D printer with a large print capacity of 330 x 330 x 400mm.


AKK X2 (In-Depth Review)

The AKK X2 is a 40-channel FPV video transmitter that costs just $22 shipped. Unlike the earlier the all-in-one A3 which I reviewed earlier, the X2 does not come with a pre-installed antenna or camera. With that said, the X2 is more of a FPV transmitter (Tx) that is more suited to those who want to use their own choice of antenna and camera.


UD2168A King Leopard (In-Depth Review)

The UD2168A is an entry-level RC stunt car that costs less than $100. It is a four wheel drive car and can handle all kinds of terrain including steep rock climbs thanks to its beefy rubber tires.


FEILUN FX176C1 (In-Depth Review)

One of the few interesting trickle-down technologies that have made their way into cheap toy drones this year is GPS navigation. Just two years ago, GPS was a feature you’d find only on drones that cost at least a few hundred dollars. Now it’s possible to get a sub-$100 toy drone with GPS that actually works.


Lishitoys L6059W (In-Depth Review)

This year we’re seeing quite a number of quirky toy drone designs appearing and the Lishitoys L6059W is one such model. This is one selfie drone that looks like it was inspired by the AeroSystems’ Sprite drone which appeared two years ago.


DLFPV DL-1060 (In-Depth Review)

DLFPV is a new brand specializing in FPV products and its latest drone — the Swift DL-1060 micro FPV racer with brushed motors is one of the most exciting things to hit the FPV scene recently. Why exciting? Because it costs just $100 and is a complete micro 5.8G FPV racer that comes with its own transmitter (remote controller) and FPV monitor or headset.


LS-800D (In-Depth Review)

The LS-800D is an entry-level FPV headset which features diversity antennas and a video recorder. Priced at just $69, this is one headset that offers plenty of value if you consider the kind of features it has. It even comes with a hard case for storage.

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