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New FuriBee X215 Pro FPV Racer Released

FuriBee has released a new 215mm brushless FPV racer — the X215 Pro. It is currently available only available as a FrSky kit although a PNP kit is also available for those who want to use other radios. At a glance, the Pro appears to be the most advanced FPV racer FuriBee currently offers.


If You’re a Hacker, DJI Might Want Your Services

What does DJI and hackers have in common? Now before you get the idea that the world’s leading consumer drone brand has suddenly gone shady, rest be assured that it’s nothing close to being illegal. DJI is currently seeking hackers and security consultants for its “Bug Bounty” program…


Nokia Enters Drone Business

Nokia — the company that was once an iconic brand in the mobile phone business years ago is now making a big leap into the world of drones. If you’re a drone enthusiast and are excited at the prospect of buying a Nokia drone, don’t jump just yet.


Man Lands DJI Phantom Drone on Aircraft Carrier Undetected

Recently, a man did something that would baffle anyone in military circles — land a consumer drone undetected on UK’s largest aircraft carrier — the HMS Queen Elizabeth. The man not only landed his DJI Phantom, he managed to fly off undetected as well.


Soon You’ll Be Able to 3D Print Metal Parts at Home

Affordable 3D printers for home use have been around for several years now and although they allow hobbyists to “manufacture” custom-made parts and designs, they have mostly been limited to plastics and a few exotic materials such as wood and metallic filaments. Now all that is about to change with Desktop Metal.


This Drone Is Armed with a Machine Gun and Grenade Launcher

An American company has developed a drone that is armed to the teeth — the stuff that creates nightmares for infantrymen on the wrong side of the battlefield. Specifically designed for military use, the Tikad drone comes equipped with a machine gun and grenade launcher.


New Creality CR-10 Mini Unveiled

Creality recently unveiled a “Mini” version of its highly popular CR-10 DIY 3D printer kit. The Mini is essentially a scaled down version of the CR-10 with some changes. It even uses the same console box and filament holder.


Russian Engineers Develop Drone with Defibrillator

Russian scientists at the Moscow Technology Institute (MTI), in collaboration with medical equipment manufacturer Altomedika, have developed a drone which comes with its own defibrillator.


3D Printer Coupons and Discounts at GearBest

GearBest is currently offering discount coupons for a couple of sub-$400 DIY 3D printers. This includes the recently released TronXY X3S which is a serious competitor to the highly popular Creality CR-10. Also included in the list is the Zonestar Z5F, Anet A8 and Ender 2 Mini.


Reports Surface of DJI Sparks Falling from the Sky

Recently, a little over a dozen DJI Spark owners have reported that their drones have failed mid-air causing crashes. Although the number Spark owners reporting this problem number less than two dozen at the moment, it’s possible that more will surface in the coming weeks.

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