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JJRC Q39 Highlander (In-Depth Review)

The JJRC Q39 Highlander is a car or buggy that offers plenty of fun and thrills for so little. To be exact, it costs just $70 shipped at GearBest but sports some features that you’d find on more expensive $200 RC cars.


JJRC H43WH Blue Crab (In-Depth Review)

The JJRC Blue Crab is one of those entry-level selfie drones that sell for less than $100. It’s a foldable toy drone that has the appearance of a book when its motor arms are folded down. The name Blue Crab was probably inspired by the drone’s pincer-like prop guards.


JJRC H38WH Combo X (In-Depth Review)

The JJRC H38WH Combo X is the latest JJRC toy drone with a modular design. It has four motor arms that can be detached and costs less than $100. Another key selling point is its 2MP FPV camera that has a field of view (FOV) of 120 degrees.


JJRC H36 (In-Depth Review)

Ever since the Blade Inductrix appeared, helping to kickstart the Tiny Whoop trend in its wake, a number of manufacturers have taken note and released ducted micro quadcopters of their own. One such model is the JJRC H36 which is currently available for only $16.99.


JJRC JJPro F01 (In-Depth Review)

When Quanum released the first version of its DIY FPV headset last year, entry-level FPV headsets have quickly become very popular among drone enthusiasts. Gone are the days when you had to fork out at least $300 for a pair of Fatsharks if you wanted to do some immersive FPV flying.


JJRC H22 (In-Depth Review)

Since it was first released about 2 months ago, the JJRC H22 has quickly become one of the most popular toy quadcopters in JJRC’s lineup thanks to its outstanding flight performance which appeals to both beginners and experts alike.


JJRC H8C (In-Depth Review)

he JJRC H8C (also known as the DFD F183) has become one of JJRC’s most popular mini quadcopters since it was released at the end of last year. This is a beginner quadcopter that...

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