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How to Get Insurance for Your Drone

Almost everything can be insured. Our lives, our homes, our vehicles and many other things we love can be insured. If you have a business and earning money using drones, it is good to get your drone(s) insured.


How Can a Drone Be Used for Surveillance

When a mission is considered dangerous, dirty or annoying to humans, UAVs are desirable and used for such operations. Unmanned aerial vehicles have different purposes, but one of its most useful goals is tracking and monitoring.


Do You Need to Insure Your Drone?

As drones become more and more visible in retail and the media, it’s no surprise that more and more people are starting to become interested. As the holidays approach, there will be plenty of households, in which at least one family member has their eye on a drone for a gift.


Understanding Li Po Batteries

Lithium Polymer batteries, or “Li Po” for short, are currently the top choice for RC products thanks to the wide array of benefits they offer. This article explains them and helps you understand what options you have when selecting a Li Po for your RC use.


8 Tricks for Longer Flight Times

Here are 8 tricks you can try to get longer flight times out of your batteries, whether you’re flying toy-grade nano quadcopters or much larger aerial photography drones such as the DJI Phantom 4.

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