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Print a House with a 3D Printer

Do you know what’s amazing about 3D printers? They can print whatever we want them to print using whatever items we could think of at which ever place we want. We know that they can print food, wood, plastic and now, in a Champaign lab, 3D printers can also print concrete!


TronXY Unveils Updated X3S

arely months after the release of the X3S, TronXY has unveiled an updated version of its budget large volume 3D printer. The new version still carries the name X3S and has been updated to...


New Prusa i3 MK3 Released

Prusa Research, the company that is synonymous with the i3 3D printer, has just released a new version of its highly popular DIY kit — the Prusa i3 MK3. At a glance, the MK3 looks very similar to its predecessor but it is what’s under the hood that sets the two apart.


Made in Space: Archinaut

Space exploration just got more interesting with 3D printing. What? You can even 3D print in space? Yes, you heard it right. Made in Space, founded by Aaron Kemmer, Jason Dunn, Mike Chen and Michael Snyder in August 2010, has just made history by successfully using a special 3D printer in extreme, space-like conditions.


TronXY X3S (In-Depth Review)

The TronXY X3S is the most affordable large capacity DIY 3D printer from TronXY and costs just $300 shipped. With a print volume of 300 x 300 x 400mm, it competes against the likes of the highly popular Creality CR-10 which costs significantly more at about $440.


3D Printer Coupons and Discounts at GearBest

GearBest is currently offering discount coupons for a couple of sub-$400 DIY 3D printers. This includes the recently released TronXY X3S which is a serious competitor to the highly popular Creality CR-10. Also included in the list is the Zonestar Z5F, Anet A8 and Ender 2 Mini.

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