Author: Andrew Maxwell

DJI Acquires Majority Stake in Iconic Photography Brand Hasselblad

Not content with their success in the drone market, DJI appears to be making serious moves into other areas of photography. Recent reports from a number of sources suggest that the Chinese tech leader has already bought itself a hefty chunk of one European camera maker.

New Software Makes Developing Unconventional Drone Designs Easier

Thanks to new regulations brought in this fall by the FAA, facilitating drone flight for customers and companies alike, interest in drones themselves seems set to continue increasing. There is currently a rush to bring a breadth of diverse drone types to market across the world.

Do You Need to Insure Your Drone?

As drones become more and more visible in retail and the media, it’s no surprise that more and more people are starting to become interested. As the holidays approach, there will be plenty of households, in which at least one family member has their eye on a drone for a gift.

The Lowdown on Xiaomi’s New 3D Printer

Xiaomi, once just one of a number of up-and-coming Chinese tech firms, is fast making its name synonymous with innovation. The company’s quest to become the number one hot name in Chinese tech is about to take another big step forward with the launch of its latest 3D printer.

Bud Light to Take DRL into the Big Time

The Drone Racing League has taken another massive step towards market dominance, by signing a lucrative sponsorship deal with American beverage giant, Bud Light. The agreement means that future DRL events will bear the beer’s name, starting with the 2017 Bud Light DRL Tryouts.

GoPro Stumbles as DJI Flounders

Drone lovers and aerial photography fans have received a double dose of bad news recently, with two big-name companies announcing problems with new products. GoPro’s new Karma drone, only available in shops since a couple of weeks ago, is being recalled due to power failures.

UPS to Make Use of Drones Soon

A recent article in the Herald Tribune drew attention to the exciting partnership between UPS and CyPhyWorks. Based out of Danvers, Mass., CyPhyWorks has, until now, been making a name for itself in the security sector.

Uber Looking to Develop Drone Transportation

The days of waiting, wondering where your cab is, and sitting in traffic jams could soon be over. That is, at least, if Uber has anything to do with it. After the company’s successful launch of self-driving taxis last month in Pittsburgh, the online transportation network innovator has set its sights much higher.

Eurosport to feature FPV Racing Soon

Since the U.S. Drone Racing Nationals were broadcast by ESPN on September 18th, the emerging sport’s potential TV audience has grown substantially after being backed by the big British broadcaster, Sky, and German channel ProSiebenSat1.

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