Author: Andrew Maxwell

(Photo by PortXL)

This Drone Eats Trash for Breakfast

Rotterdam, Netherlands, has one of the busiest ports in the world. Not only that, the city’s harbor marks the gateway to some of Europe’s most important waterways. It is here that the Rhine meets the sea, giving access to the industrial heartlands of Germany.

Meet Vertitek’s Professional Racing Team

Vertitek Racing, the manufacturer of one of the most popular racing drones, the Model LDE 180, has announced the signing of three new sponsored pilots to its racing team. A wholly owned subsidiary of Valmie Resources, Inc. (VMRI), Vertitek decided to launch its racing team in order to promote…

The Parrot Mambo Is Combat-ready

Parrot has come up with a new drone, which it is calling its Mambo minidrone. It joins a growing list of drones which can launch projectiles, as well as pick up and drop off certain objects. When the Mambo hits shelves next month, Parrot hopes to cash in on the rising popularity of this market.

New FAA Drone Rules Kick In

It’s been coming for quite some time, and now it’s here: the FAA has brought into effect rules governing the operation of small commercial drones. The rules were actually announced in June, but have actually just come into effect only recently.

Intel Unveils Ready-to-Fly Aero Drone

Santa Monica startup AirMap revealed it had pulled off a major coup on Tuesday, as it was revealed that the company – which was only officially launched a week ago – had provided the software development kit for Intel’s latest quadcopter.

Drones to Illuminate The Danube

Linz, Austria will host a spectacular extravaganza of drone virtuosity in the skies this September. The highlight of this year’s River of Knowledge festival will see an aerobatics performance by a hundred drones over the famous river which runs through the city.

The Staaker Makes a Good Stalker

Innovative Norweigian tech startup Staaker has come up with epic cinematography’s answer to the selfie. As the industry continues to focus on developing drones to film other people – actors, sportspeople and live events – Staaker has come up with something decidedly new.

Drone Racing Nationals Attracts 150 Competitors From Around the World

Recent years have seen the inevitable rise in popularity of rotorcopters in sports. From the first enthusiasts racing their drones around parks and woodland, the sport has spawned a number of national and international racing organizations, which are now vying to become top dog in a multimillion-dollar industry.

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