Author: Andrew Maxwell


More Drones Doesn’t Mean More Close Calls

Reports by pilots of manned aircraft of ‘close calls’ with other airborne objects is nothing new. Balloons, birds, kites, parasails and the like have caused concern for aviators since the advent of manned flight. Is is therefore unsurprising that the increasing number of drones in our skies is worrying pilots and the FAA alike.


Parrot Teams Up With Nissan for Adventures on the Road

Exciting times look set to continue at French drone manufacturer Parrot. Along with the release of its new Disco drone, announced this week, the company is also launching another drone – the Bebop 2. The interesting thing about this drone is its compatibility with the new Nissan X-Trail X-Scape 4×4 vehicle.


Edgybees Pioneers AR Game for DJI Drones

Israeli augmented reality (AR) startup Edgybees hit the headlines last week, when it announced the launch of the first ever AR mobile app for DJI drones. Giving a nod to Formula One’s premium competition, the Drone Prix app has been developed using DJI’s own kit for software development.


Land Rover’s Project Hero Features Drones for Rescue Operations

Last month’s Geneva Motor Show saw car giant Jaguar unveil an international collaboration which is hoped could save many lives in years to come. ‘Project Hero’, is fitting Land Rover SUVs with Taiwanese Align M480L drones, in the hope of using them in emergency search and rescue missions.


The HEXH20 Pro V2 For All Weather Flight

Drones are used to film and broadcast all kinds of activities, from agricultural production, construction, search and rescue and extreme sports. However, up until now, there has been very little progress when it comes to getting drones to fly properly and safely in extreme weather.

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