Author: Andrew Maxwell


Hybrid Drone Breaks World Endurance Record

A new world record for the longest distance flown by a self-powered multicopter has been set, according to European drone company, Quaternium. The manufacturer’s flagship drone – its HYBRIX-20 – is reported to have notched up four hours and forty minutes of uninterrupted flight, making it the longest recorded flight carried out by this type of drone.


MakeX MIGO Makes 3D Printing On-the-go Possible

Chinese 3D printing outfit MakeX has been making waves again with its latest mobile innovation. Following the success of its previous crowdfunded releases – notably the M-One 3D Printer, three years ago, and more recently, the M-Jewelry – the Migo is set to take 3D printing to a whole new level.


The Automated Drone Racing Heroes of the Future

For the past two years, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California has been dedicating its efforts towards research in autonomous drone technology. The lab’s achievements in vision-based navigation, which were funded by Google, were put to the test late this fall, in a race between one of its unmanned drones and a professional drone pilot.


3D Printing for Heart Surgery

If anyone still had any misgivings about the social benefits of the applications of 3D printing technology, a quick look at the latest work of a German surgeon, Dr. Bernhard Dorweiler, should easily lay those doubts to rest.

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