HHD H3 (In-Depth Review)

The HHD H3 is a multi-purpose RC toy that can function as a quadcopter, RC tank and jumping car. At a price of just $58, it offers plenty of value and makes a great gift for kids.

Ever since multi-purpose RC toys first came on the scene some two years ago, they’ve evolved and have become a lot more refined. The H3 represents the latest generation of multi-purpose RC toys with a level of design refinement unseen before just a few years ago.

Transforming the H3 into any of its three modes is so simple and requires no tools. Best of all, the H3 looks reasonably sophisticated, you’ll be forgiven to think that it costs a lot more.

Product Highlights
  • Dimensions:
    • 170 x 135 x 170mm (jumping car mode)
    • 350 x 250 x 75mm (quadcopter mode)
    • 150 x 150 x 105mm (tank mode)
  • Platform: Multi-mode
  • Diagonal motor distance: 270mm (quadcopter mode)
  • Flight features:
    • Altitude hold
    • Auto take-off / landing
    • G sensor
    • One key return
    • 3D flips
    • Fly-by-app
  • Quadcopter propulsion: brushed motors / 165mm 2-blade propellers
  • Weight:
    • 144g (quadcopter mode)
    • 226g (tank mode)
    • 253g (jumping car mode)
  • Camera resolution: 0.3MP stills (640 x 480)¬†and 480P video
  • File format: PNG/AVI
  • Battery: 3.7V 950mAh Li Po
  • Charging time: 120 minutes
  • Operating time:
    • about 10 minutes (quadcopter mode)
    • about 30 minutes (tank / jumping car mode)
  • Control distance: about 100 meters

It also comes with a 0.3MP WiFi FPV camera so you can see where the H3 is going from a cockpit view. Simply install the HHD UFO app on your smartphone, connect to the H3’s WiFi hotspot and you’re good to go. The app also allows you to pilot the H3 if you don’t wish to use the supplied transmitter (remote controller).

At the heart of the H3 is a fuselage body that functions as a hub to which all other accessories are attached to. To set the H3 up as a quadcopter, simply attach the two pairs of motor arms to the sides of the fuselage. The two modules already come with motors and propellers attached so there is no need to install anything else except for prop guards if you wish to fly with them.

Overall build quality of the H3 isn’t too bad but the plastic parts do feel a bit cheap and plasticky. They’re also quite thin and tend to flex a lot. Depending on how you see it, thin and flexible plastic isn’t exactly a bit problem considering that such qualities can help the toy absorb impact well and save weight.

I feel the H3 performs best when it is in quadcopter mode. The H3 is very stable in the air and responsive. Altitude hold makes things sweeter as it makes the H3 easier to fly for beginners. The H3 is also capable of performing acrobatic flips. Battery life is shortest when in quadcopter mode (5 to 10 minutes) since the motors use a lot of power when flying.

Next up is the RC tank mode. The H3 comes with two tank track modules that attach to the body the same way the quadcopter motor arm modules are installed. In this mode, only the right control stick is used. Moving the stick forward causes the H3 to go forward and vice versa.

The motors produce a pretty loud buzz when in tank mode and they have adequate power to climb up steep inclines. Throttle control in tank mode is proportional which means you have gradual control of throttle power. Many cheap RC toys do not feature proportional throttle control. In such toys, the throttle can either be turned off or operate at full power, there is no gradual increase of throttle power.

The last mode is the jumping car mode. In this mode, the H3 functions very much like the Parrot Jumping Sumo. A piston at the rear of the H3 is used to thrust it about one feet into the air. The H3 can also roll around with its two wheels. I find that steering the H3 in jumping car mode is a lot harder compared to the tank mode because there is no proportional control for the steering and the H3 turns at a rate that is simply too quick. Due to this, navigating through an obstacle course with the H3 can be quite frustrating.


The HHD H3 quite literally offers three RC toys for the price of one and has a design and features that would delight most children. It does feel a bit cheap and plasticky but at a price of just $58 shipped, it offers a lot of value.

It performs best as a quadcopter and the H3’s flight performance is comparable to other quadcopters of similar pricing such as the Syma X5UW. It is nearly as fun to drive when in tank mode. I find the jumping car mode to be the least fun to use since the H3 is very difficult to steer in this mode.

To make things even more interesting, the H3 also comes with its own 0.3MP WiFi FPV camera and accompanying HHD UFO app which also allows you to pilot the H3 and take pictures and videos with the camera. The camera itself is not something to shout about, featuring a 0.3MP resolution and narrow field of view.

Above is a sample gallery of images taken using the H3’s camera. All images and videos taken with the H3 are saved on your smartphone. The H3 itself doesn’t have a memory card slot so storing files on the camera itself is not possible.

Despite its few flaws, the HHD H3 is still an excellent RC toy for kids. It can be purchased at GearBest for just $58 shipped. Click here for more details.




9.5 /10


8.0 /10

Drive / Flight Performance

7.8 /10

Drive / Flight Time

7.5 /10

Build Quality

7.0 /10


  • 3-in-1 multi-mode RC toy
  • Great value
  • Flies great as a quadcopter
  • Affordable


  • Difficult to steer in jumping car mode
  • Feels cheap and plasticky
  • 0.3MP camera with narrow FOV

Adrin Sham

Adrin Sham is a designer and photographer turned drone enthusiast. Since buying a drone for aerial photography some years ago, he has since developed a passion for UAVs and all things related.

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