MakeX MIGO Makes 3D Printing On-the-go Possible

Chinese 3D printing outfit MakeX has been making waves again with its latest mobile innovation. Following the success of its previous crowdfunded releases – notably the M-One 3D Printer, three years ago, and more recently, the M-Jewelry – the Migo is set to take 3D printing to a whole new level.

The company’s latest funding campaign was launched a little over a month ago, yet by all accounts it is already attracting widespread interest from enthusiasts and industry executives. This is MakeX’s first attempt at producing an FDM 3D Printer, which will be available in two different versions. The smallest of these will be a compact printer, designed to be carried with ease. This version will weigh just under a kilogram and will feature a portable battery along with a customized mobile 3D printing backback.

This far-sighted design will allow users to operate the printer as usual in their homes and studios, but will give them the added benefit of being able to take it out and about into the great outdoors. For the less adventurous, it offers a level of portability ideal for use between multiple workspaces. The transparent backpack frees up your hands, so there’s no need to struggle with any other
bags, briefcases or train tickets.

Users will no longer have to wait around for their designs to be printed before they can take them away. The Migo can print while the user is on the move, without having to worry about production hiccups, making it an ideal choice for people who hate to wait around.

The Migo’s light weight is thanks to its aluminum frame, and the fact that it features a handle means that you can easily carry it in your hand, if you prefer not to make use of the backpack. For the fashion-conscious, it is set to be available in a range of colors, so there’s no need to go out and get a new wardrobe. At present, only the silver model has been made available, but that will soon be added to.

In keeping with its user-friendly, portable design, the Migo is operated with just one button. Furthermore, there’s no awkward wiring or cables to worry about – the signal cable and the power cord for the extruder head, along with a number of other constituent parts have been integrated into a lone TYPE-C.

The larger of the two versions will measure 15 x 15 x 15 cm, while the smaller version takes up just a mere 10 x 12 x 10 cm. It has a heated platform plus a print head location system and auto-leveling function, designed to provide top-notch linear guidance. Not only that, but the print head can be replaced with a 500 mw laser engraver if necessary, such as when engraving plastic, leather, wood and other pliant materials. Printing speeds vary between 100 and 200mm per second, and are highly stable. The Migo features a 0.4 mm diameter nozzle and 0.05 mm minimum layer resolution. The printing process is overseen by the printer’s fixed camera.

With WiFi and Ethernet capabilities, easy-to-use Xmaker software, batch printing, teaching mode, generative design app and OLED screen, it would seem that MakeX has come up with another shining success.

Andrew Maxwell

Andrew is a former journalist who now works as a freelance writer specializing in tech and gadgets. He currently resides in Thailand.

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