New JGAURORA 3D Printers Now Available at GearBest

Things are about to get more exciting in the consumer 3D printer market as the latest range of JGAURORA 3D printers are now available at GearBest. The range consists of five models with prices ranging from $400 to $1990.

What’s truly impressive about JGAURORA products is that they are fully assembled or pre-assembled 3D printers that are available at very affordable price points. Not only that, they look so good that they make other popular 3D printers such as the CR-10 look like garage contraptions. If you’re looking for a 3D printer that has both looks and a decent set of features, these printers are worth checking out.

Here’s a rundown of the five JGAURORA models now available at GearBest.



  • Model
  • Print Capacity (mm)
  • Heated Bed
  • LCD Color Touchscreen
  • Full/Partial Enclosure
Editor's Choice



  • A3S
  • 205 x 205 x 205



  • A5
  • 305 x 305 x 320



  • A4
  • 150 x 140 x 140



  • A7
  • 240 x 220 x 200



  • Z-603S
  • 280 x 180 x 180

Of the five models, the JGAURORA A3S looks set to be the best-seller. It is the most affordable at $270 shipped and has a print volume of 205 x 205 x 205mm. If Apple designed a 3D printer, it would probably look like this. The A3S is about as good-looking as 3D printers such as the Robo C3 which costs significantly more.

One key feature of the A3S is its color touchscreen and full metal frame that comes pre-assembled and shipped in just two parts. Setting up the A3S is as simple as screwing together these two parts and you’re ready to print. In fact, JGAURORA claims the A3S can be fully assembled in just 1 minute. The carriages for all 3 axis use linear bearings which is great for printing accuracy.

Bear in mind that although linear bearings generally provide for better printing accuracy, they tend to wear out faster than pulley bearings. Changing linear bearings on 3D printers that come with full or partial enclosures is a lot of work and can be a complicated task. However, with the A3S, the bearings are probably a lot more accessible and easier to replace, judging from official product photos.

Besides these features, other neat features on the A3S include filament detection, auto leveling assist and power failure resume. It even has a magnetic printing surface which can easily be removed from the heated bed by hand without the need for any tools. This is a feature that is becoming more common in the latest 3D printers such as the new Prusa i3 MK3. Though product pages do not explain in detail what material is used for the surface, my guess is that the sheet surface is made of PEI although JGAURORA describes it as “black diamond glass”.

For those who want a larger print capacity, there is the JGAURORA A5 which is essentially a scaled-up version of the A3S and features a larger print volume of 305 x 305 x 320mm. The A5 shares the same features as the A3S and also comes pre-assembled in two parts.

Another affordable model in the range is the JGAURORA A4 which features an enclosure and a print volume of 150 x 140 x 140mm. It sells for $672 shipped and is a highly enclosed 3D printer that is ideal for use in schools and in households where there are children around.

The A4’s enclosure also conceals the filament spool and is a nice safety feature that prevents users from accidentally touching dangerous parts of the 3D printer such as the hot end and high voltage electrical terminals and wires. Since it lacks a heated bed, the A4 is mostly a beginner’s printer that is great for educational purposes and for kids.

For industrial or enterprise users, there is the flagship JGAURORA A7 (pictured above) and the Z-603S. The A7 features a fully enclosed design and is priced at $2118 with free shipping. It has a print volume of 240 x 220 x 200mm and a heated bed. Other key features it has includes a color touchscreen and auto leveling assist.

The more affordable Z-603S (pictured above) is priced at $540 with shipping and features a print volume of 280 x 180 x 180mm with a heated bed. It has a partial enclosure and full metal frame. It also has a claimed maximum printing speed of 300mm/s which is quite possible given the sturdy metal frame it has.

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