The Best Hubsan and FuriBee Deals at GearBest Double 11

In conjunction with its Double 11 campaign, GearBest is also having brand sales for Hubsan and FuriBee products. These sales cover the most popular products from both brands. Here’s a rundown of the two brand sales.

First, let’s begin with Hubsan. GearBest has special deals for the Hubsan H501S X4 (Advanced Version), H501S X4 and H502E X4. The prices for all three drones here are some of the lowest you can find on the internet. To make the deals even sweeter, GearBest is offering a $40 discount for any Hubsan order that is worth $200 or more with coupon code HUBSAN11. Take note that this discount is only valid for products featured in the Hubsan promo page only.

The Hubsan H501S X4 (Advanced Version) and H501S X4 are essentially the same brushless drone being sold in different kits. The Advanced Version comes with a more advanced transmitter (remote controller) with dual antennas while the other kit comes with a more basic standard transmitter with built-in antennas.

Above are photos of the advanced transmitter (left) and the basic one (right). If you’re serious about flying your H501S over long distances and want the best signal reception possible for both FPV and drone control, the Advanced version is obviously the better choice.

Although the H501S has GPS and flight features such as “follow me”, it is not an ideal drone to use if you’re into serious aerial photography. This is because it does not have a mechanical gimbal stabilizer for its camera. For those who are into aerial photography, the H109S (with 3-axis camera gimbal system) is a far better choice although it costs a lot more.

For those who want GPS flight features in a small and affordable quadcopter with brushed motors, there is the Hubsan H502E which costs just $65. The H502E has two basic GPS features that any drone pilot flying outdoors would appreciate — position hold and return-to-home. Besides that, it also has a HD 720P camera and altitude hold. The only thing missing here is FPV but at $65, the H502E offers plenty of value.

If you need 5.8G FPV, there is the Hubsan H502S which costs $115.99 and comes with the same HD 720P camera. Besides drones, the Hubsan brand sale also offers plenty of Hubsan accessories such as propellers, transmitters and motors. Click here for more details.

If you’re into FPV racing, then the GearBest FuriBee brand sale might interest you. The sale has a fine range of brushless FPV racers on offer ranging from the FuriBee GT 220mm to the smaller GT 90mm.

The flagship FuriBee racer here is the GT 220mm Fire Dancer which costs $168.99 and features a carbon fiber frame, 960H CCD camera and Omnibus F4 flight controller with OSD. It also sports a 5.8G pagoda FPV antenna which gives excellent HD video transmission up to 1.5km.

There are also smaller FuriBee drones on sale such as the new H801 (featured above) and F36 RC. FuriBee also has two action cameras both of which cost less than $50 — the F60 4K ($23.99) and the H9R 4K ($37.99).

GearBest is also offering $10 discount for all FuriBee purchases that total $200 or more with coupon code FURIBEE11. The coupon is only valid for products featured on the brand sale promo page.

For more details on the FuriBee brand sale, click here.

Adrin Sham

Adrin Sham is a designer and photographer turned drone enthusiast. Since buying a drone for aerial photography some years ago, he has since developed a passion for UAVs and all things related.

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