TronXY Unveils Updated X3S

Barely months after the release of the X3S, TronXY has unveiled an updated version of its budget large volume 3D printer. The new version still carries the name X3S and has been updated to look very much like a CR-10.

The Z-axis now use beefier 2040 extrusions as opposed to the thinner 2020 extrusions on the earlier X3S. Both left and right Z-axis carriages now feature pulley bearings that face the side of the 2040 extrusions instead of the front and rear which was the case with the first version. Clearly, the new X3S has taken plenty of design cues from the CR-10.

Product Highlights
  • 330 x 330 x 420mm print volume
  • Pre-assembled DIY kit
  • Full assembly takes 3 steps
  • Belt tensioners for X and Y axis
  • Full metal frame with 2040 and 2020 aluminum v-slot extrusions
  • 2040 extrusions for Z axis
  • Bowden extruder
  • Reworked Z axis carriages now feature side to side pulley bearings
  • Console box with integrated filament spool holder
  • Red v-slot covers included

Even the extruder motor has been moved to the left and is now mounted just above the X-axis motor. Not only that, TronXY has redesigned the X3S’ console box to look like that of the CR-10 with an integrated filament spool holder. The frame even features red linear slot covers installed in a similar fashion to the CR-10 which features either orange or blue covers. Gone are the adjustable legs which have been replaced with rubber studs.

Similarities aside, the new X3S also features belt tensioners for the X and Y axis. Unlike the earlier X3S which is a DIY kit that takes several hours to build, the updated X3S is a pre-assembled kit and product pages indicate that it can be assembled in just three steps.

The heated bed appears to have the same size as the earlier X3S, measuring 330 x 330mm though there is no mention whether the updated X3S still features the same MK2a bed. Product pages for the earlier X3S mention a size of 300 x 300mm which is a bit misleading because that is the size of the area on the bed covered by copper tracings (the actual size of the bed being 330 x 330mm).

The earlier X3S had problems providing enough current for its heated bed. Contrary to what many believe, the MK2a bed on the X3S is not poorly made or defective. It is just not getting enough current to heat up beyond 70C (without insulation). With the supplied 12V power supply and an internal bed resistance of 2 Ohms (as measured on my sample unit), the X3S is providing only 6A of current to its bed — this value is way below the recommended 8 to 10A needed to heat a smaller 200 x 200mm MK2a up to 100C as recommended by RepRap Wiki.

With a larger 330 x 330mm MK2a, I calculate it would take around 13 to 15A of current to achieve 100C. This current draw would be impossible to achieve with the supplied 12V PSU of the X3S even if the bed resistance is 1 Ohm — something which is not possible with even smaller MK2a beds which have resistance values of anywhere between 1.2 and 1.8 Ohms.

With the new and updated X3S, it would be interesting to see if TronXY has solved the problem. Unfortunately, product pages do not describe the power supply and heated bed in detail.

The new X3S is currently available at GearBest for $426 shipped. Click here for more details. The older version is still available for $289. At over $400, the new X3S is indeed a lot more expensive than the earlier version. With such a price tag, I would expect it to come with a heated bed that works properly with a pre-installed MOSFET. Otherwise, it is just overpriced and no different from other DIY kits that need a lot of upgrades and work.

Adrin Sham

Adrin Sham is a designer and photographer turned drone enthusiast. Since buying a drone for aerial photography some years ago, he has since developed a passion for UAVs and all things related.

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