5 Unusual Toy Drones at CAFAGO

Toy drones have progressed a lot lately, from being simple x-shaped quadcopters into more complex designs that feature all kinds of folding mechanisms and fuselage shapes. In this buying guide, we take a look at 5 toy drones that have truly unusual designs at CAFAGO.

Thanks to their unconventional looks and affordable prices, these toy drones make great gifts for kids and anyone who wants something out of the ordinary.

FQ777 FQ26 Mini Quadcopter ($32.98)

First up is the FQ777 FQ26. The FQ26 is a foldable toy drone that looks like an alien mothership. When not in use, the propellers and their built-in prop guards can be folded down and the FQ26 will take on the shape of a cube for easy storage. It comes with a 0.3MP WiFi FPV (first person view) camera so you can view what the camera is seeing via your smartphone.

The FQ26 is one of those toy drones that do not come with a conventional transmitter (remote controller). Flying and controlling the drone is done entirely using a smartphone and the accompanying free app. To make flying easy, the FQ26 has altitude hold and headless mode. It is available at CAFAGO for $32.98.

Kai Deng K130 Alpha ($40.69)

The Kai Deng K130 Alpha has the shape of an egg when not in use. To achieve this unique shape, the motor arms of the K130 fold downwards into the body. This fully conceals the motors and propellers which creates for a very neat egg shape with nothing sticking out. Such a design would no doubt fascinate any kid or adult. The K130 can transform into flying mode with the press of a button. Pressing the button releases the four motor arms that rise up on their own using some kind of spring mechanism.

The same button also functions as the power button. The K130 features a 0.3MP WiFi FPV camera and flexible propellers. Both propellers and motors are designed to be easily removed and installed. Unlike the FQ26, the K130 comes with a conventional transmitter (remote controller) which is a much better way to pilot a drone. It also has altitude hold and headless mode. The K130 is now available at CAFAGO for $40.69.

JJRC H40WH RC Tank ($81.05 / $67)

The JJRC H40WH is a dual-mode RC quadcopter — it can fly like a conventional toy quadcopter and can also cruise on the ground as an RC tank. To give it that tank-like appearance, the H40WH has its 720P WiFi FPV camera located on top of the body to mimic a tank turret.

The H40WH can transform from quadcopter into tank and vice versa with the press of a button on the transmitter (remote controller). It also has altitude hold and headless mode. With a diagonal motor distance of 290mm, it is also the largest in this list.

The H40WH rolls on what appears to be a set of chunky rubber wheels. This makes it a much better RC car/tank when compared to other similar dual-model toy drones such as the Syma 9 which features thin foam wheels that don’t quite grip very well. Its propellers also fold down to keep things neat when in tank mode. Overall, the H40WH has one of the best dual-mode designs I’ve seen so far.

At $81, it is the most expensive toy in this list but for good reason — its excellent dual-mode design and 720P camera means it features a higher level of sophistication that most other toy drones don’t have. And to make the deal even sweeter, CAFAGO is now offering the H40WH at just $67 shipped with coupon codeĀ RC8343.

Yizhan iDrone i5HW ($41.86 / $32)

The Yizhan iDrone i5HW is yet another foldable toy drone and has the shape of an egg-beater when fully folded. Its motor arms and prop guards fold upwards, forming a kind of cage at the top that protects the propellers when the drone is not in use — a good design if you want to shove the i5HW into a bag with other stuff in it.

The i5HW has the usual staple features of toy drones; this includes altitude hold, a 0.3MP WiFi FPV camera, headless mode and 3D acrobatic flips. Like the FQ26, it does not come with a conventional transmitter and is controlled fully using a smartphone app. CAFAGO is currently offering the i5HW for just $32 with coupon codeĀ RC8130.

GoolRC T49 ($52.57)

The GoolRC T49 has the most sporty design of all drones in this list. It is also very small (measuring just 10cm in length), light (36g) and features foldable motor arms. Even the transmitter (remote controller) is very compact, measuring just 13cm wide. But don’t let that small size fool you, the T49 features a 720P WiFi FPV camera which has better resolution than the usual 0.3MP cameras that are commonly found in sub-$100 toy drones.

With such a camera, the T49 makes for an inexpensive selfie drone if you don’t want to splash big money on an Airselfie E03 or DJI Spark both of which cost over $200. In fact, the T49 costs just $52.57 and is currently available for pre-order at CAFAGO.


Adrin Sham

Adrin Sham is a designer and photographer turned drone enthusiast. Since buying a drone for aerial photography some years ago, he has since developed a passion for UAVs and all things related.

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