DroneUp App: Search and Rescue Missions for Drone Pilots

You may know how UBER works. You need a ride. You request a ride via the Uber app and the nearest driver (like you and me) will respond. DroneUp app is the same … except that it is for conducting search and rescue efforts. The recent flood in Texas caused by Hurricane Harvey seems to have brought out the best in drone pilots and one app — DroneUp, has been instrumental in making that happen.

DroneUp is a life-saving app developed by Tom Walker, a Virginia man, who has had first-hand knowledge on how difficult it is to coordinate search and rescue operations the ‘traditional’ way. He hopes that by developing this app, drone hobbyists can use their talents and their drones to save lives.

I know the value of bringing a thousand drones to an area like Houston, Texas right now.” ~ Tom Walker, DroneUp developer

What the DroneUp app does is send “mission alerts” to drone pilots to help first responders during disasters. After that, qualified pilots would accept the missions and fly in to conduct search and survey efforts. The app will show you the drones flying over the area in real time.

As this is a really wonderful app as well as a noble venture, they’re adding pilots fast. Not even two days old and they’ve added more than 100 pilots an hour. There are three million drones in the U.S. right now, says Walker, and almost all of them are owned by ordinary people like you and me. Currently, Walker is working with the federal government to develop a strategy so hobbyists can serve in life-saving missions.

“Every week, one life is saved by a drone. Now, that’s the ones that are reported, and almost all of those are by volunteers.  So you’re always excited to go in and do something with this hobby of yours.” ~Walker

Right now, DroneUp is working with the FAA to get the proper clearance to get started. We certainly wish them all the best in their efforts. For more information about the app, visit the official DroneUp website.

Sonam Chodron

Sonam Chodron is an avid traveler who loves writing about lifestyle and tech. She currently works as a full-time editor and English teacher.

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