Monthly Archive: July 2017


3D Printer Coupons and Discounts at GearBest

GearBest is currently offering discount coupons for a couple of sub-$400 DIY 3D printers. This includes the recently released TronXY X3S which is a serious competitor to the highly popular Creality CR-10. Also included in the list is the Zonestar Z5F, Anet A8 and Ender 2 Mini.


Reports Surface of DJI Sparks Falling from the Sky

Recently, a little over a dozen DJI Spark owners have reported that their drones have failed mid-air causing crashes. Although the number Spark owners reporting this problem number less than two dozen at the moment, it’s possible that more will surface in the coming weeks.


New Tevo Tornado DIY 3D Printer Kit Unveiled

Earlier this month, popular 3D printer brand Tevo unveiled its latest DIY 3D printer kit — the Tevo Tornado. This latest addition to Tevo’s lineup comes in the wake of the Creality CR-10 which has been receiving plenty of rave reviews since it was first released.


3 Affordable Aerial Photography Drones from RCMoment

Although prices of aerial photography drones have gradually tumbled over the past few years, models such as DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro are still expensive to own and don’t hold their value well after a year or two. Fortunately, there is an increasing range of affordable alternatives for the aerial photographer on a shoestring budget.


Realacc 374 (In-Depth Review)

Micro toy drones have come a long day since two years ago. The Realacc 374 is one of the newer generation of toy drones that offer a lot of fun for so little — at less than $20 shipped. The 374 makes a great novelty toy as much as it is a nice toy drone to practice your flying skills with.


Meet the New Anet E10 DIY 3D Printer Kit

Anet has just released its latest DIY 3D printer kit — the Anet E10. At a glance, the E10 looks very promising and shares a strong resemblance to the highly popular Creality CR-10 though it is not actually a copy of the CR-10.


KingKong 95GT (In-Depth Review)

Barely 6 months after the release of the 90GT, KingKong has decided to update one of its most popular brushless micro FPV racers and this time around it’s called the 95GT. So how good is the 95GT compared to its predecessor? Read on to find out more.


3 New Coupon Codes for FPV Gear at GearBest

GearBest is currently offering 3 coupon codes for some new FPV gear. This includes one mini FPV racer, an FPV camera and a headset. All three products on offer here are some of the latest models and were released only recently. This includes the P180 and RunCam Micro Swift.

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