Get Ready for Awesome Deals, Gifts and Discounts at GearBest’s 3rd Anniversary Celebrations

GearBest is gearing up for its upcoming 3rd anniversary celebration and plenty of great deals have been lined up for this special occasion. If you’re planning to purchase any gadget or tech products within the next 10 days, be sure to check out what GearBest has to offer.

And I kid you not, they have some seriously good deals there right now. The event is divided into three phases (in UTC time):

  • Preheat  (Mar 9 @ 02:00 – Mar 14 @ 09:00)
  • 3rd Anniversary Event (Mar 14 @ 09:00 – Mar 18 @ 09:00)
  • After-party encore (Begins In: Mar 20 @ 02:00 )

Now let’s take a look at what GearBest is offering for its 3rd anniversary.

Daily Flash Deals (March 9 – 20 @ 16:00 UTC)

Every day from March 9 to 20 at 16:00 UTC, there will be a select range of products with special discounts. These are genuinely good deals. For example, in today’s deals the Jumper EzBook 2 laptop which typically sells for $200 to $230 is available for just $165.99 shipped. There is also the WLToys 12428 RC buggy which is on offer for $65.99 shipped. The 12428 usually sells for double the price!

It’s such a good deal that i’ve decided to order one for myself and also for an upcoming review of the buggy that I plan to publish. Bear in mind that there is limited stock for each product and with discounts of between 20% – 50%, they are bound to be snapped up fast so be quick if you’re keen on any of them.

Special Lottery Games

Get 3 chances daily to win special prizes such as coupon codes, GB points or phones. Extra chances can be won by sharing the lottery page on various social media channels. Coupon codes won will be valid from March 9 to 31 (0:00 UTC).

Birthday Cake Game

Help light a birthday cake with candles and stand a chance to win GB points, a headphone, smartphone, Magic Cube or fitness tracker (refer to the image below). You only get one chance a day to light a candle.

Sharing the game link on social media can help you gain more chances to light more candles. Light up to 7 candles and you stand to win some very attractive prizes which include 3D printers, Android TV boxes and smartphones!

Lucky Bags

To make things even more mysterious and exciting, GearBest is offering Lucky Bags which can be purchased at certain prices. Each Lucky Bag contains products from a certain category such as cameras or toys. The total value of each Lucky Bag is higher than the price of the bag itself and to make things even better, a special gift is thrown into each bag.


With every purchase you make, you qualify to buy any item from a select range of products for just $3.33. For example, you may choose to buy the WLToys RC buggy mentioned earlier and in the checkout process, you can add a Jumper EZPad EB detachable keyboard (worth $40) for just $3.33!

Besides these cool games and deals, there is also the GB Live Show where vloggers promoting GearBest can battle it out for special rewards. For more information about the GearBest 3rd Anniversary Event, click here.

Adrin Sham

Adrin Sham is a designer and photographer turned drone enthusiast. Since buying a drone for aerial photography some years ago, he has since developed a passion for UAVs and all things related.

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