You Won’t Believe How Durable the Nimbus 195 Racing Drone Is

FPV racing is a high speed sport and with speed comes the risks of equipment damage and costly repairs. Any drone racing pilot can tell you that a high speed crash almost certainly guarantees at least one damaged part be it a few broken propellers or a cracked frame. Not only do crashes cause damage, the time pilots need while waiting for parts to arrive can be a bit of a letdown especially when there are no spares around.

Realizing this problem, Russian outfit Aerodyne RC have come up with a solution — a drone that can take every possible form of abuse an FPV racing drone can experience. Meet the Nimbus 195 — a drone that could raise durability standards in racing drones if it eventually gets shipped.

At a glance, the Nimbus looks like any other FPV racer except for its unique ball-shaped fuselage and fully-enclosed construction. Look closer and you’ll begin to realize it’s no ordinary FPV racer. For a start, the Nimbus has a monocoque shell that is made using a unique construction method that uses a special bladder to form a cavity during the carbon fiber layup process. The result is a single-piece seamless carbon fiber structure that doesn’t require a handful of small screws and bolts to hold in place.

Product Highlights
  • 195mm diagonal size
  • 5″ props
  • 160kmh top speed
  • 1000m control range
  • F4 flight controller with integrated OSD
  • 4-in-1 ESCs (30A)
  • 2206 2300 kV motors
  • IP54 weatherproofing
  • 30/45/55 degrees adjustable FPV camera HS 1177/1190 with 2.5 mm lens
  • Video transmitter with adjustable power 25-200mW
  • Compatible with 4S batteries / XT60 (up to 1550mAh / not exceeding 76mm in length)
  • VTx Antenna
  • Titanium fasteners
  • Frame weight: 120g
  • BNF Weight ~320-350 g (w/o battery)

This process results in a frame that is incredibly strong and lightweight. The simple and seamless structure is also very aerodynamic and provides excellent IP 54 weatherproofing. To make it even more aerodynamic, the engineers have included several indentations on the body to give it that “golf ball” effect. Even the propellers are made with a flexible type of plastic that won’t break or crack upon impact.

In fact, the Nimbus is so tough it can even survive getting rolled over by a car tire. In its promotional video, the Nimbus can be seen flying into walls at high speed, scraping and bouncing off the ground, getting splashed with water and mud and yes, getting rolled over by a car.

A freaking car!

Aerodyne RC is currently on a fundraising campaign at Indiegogo to put the Nimbus into mass production. It is available in three different packages — frame only, BNF and RTF. The Ready-To-Fly (RTF) package costs $750 and comes with a TBS Tango transmitter (pictured below) which has a built-in 5.8G FPV monitor and receiver. The Bind-And-Fly (BNF) package is available with either a FrSky or Spektrum receiver.

Aerodyne RC is so pleased with the Nimbus frame design that it is even offering the frame for sale, allowing buyers to customize their own drone. The Nimbus naked frame is available for $190. It is also available as a bulk order of 10 pieces for $1500.

Unlike other drone projects on Indiegogo and Kickstarter that end up offering vaporware (think Lily Drone and Zano), Aerodyne actually has working prototypes of the Nimbus. In fact, the first Nimbus prototype was produced well over a year ago so it is unlikely that backers are going to end up disappointed.

For more details on the Nimbus drone at Indiegogo, click here.

Adrin Sham

Adrin Sham is a designer and photographer turned drone enthusiast. Since buying a drone for aerial photography some years ago, he has since developed a passion for UAVs and all things related.

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