DJI Acquires Majority Stake in Iconic Photography Brand Hasselblad

Not content with their success in the drone market, DJI appears to be making serious moves into other areas of photography. Recent reports from a number of sources suggest that the Chinese tech leader has already bought itself a hefty chunk of one European camera maker.

Swedish photographic equipment manufacturer, Hasselblad, has been in business for well over 70 years, and has seen its cameras used as far away as the moon, on the first Apollo mission. Worldwide acclaim, however, doesn’t always translate into revenue, and it seems that the Gothenburg outfit has struggled in recent years to remain viable. It is suggested that news of Hasselblad’s financial woes reached the top table at DJI, prompting top execs in Shenzhen to invest in a minority share position. This has reportedly provided some welcome capital for Hasselblad to remain operational.

Although the deal and its details have yet to be confirmed by any of the parties involved, it is being reported that DJIs new share in the company has been purchased from Ventizz – a German private equity firm – which has supposedly been trying to offload its stake for some time. DJI, however, is likely to place a much higher value on its stake in the company. It’s likely to see its new acquisition as a great opportunity for collaboration on future products and the sharing of technologies and expertise.

In fact, both companies have already collaborated in the past producing products such as the DJI Matrice A5D-600 aerial photography drone which was designed and optimized for the Hasselblad A5D medium format camera. The A5D was designed specifically for aerial use and was released along with DJI’s Matrice A5D-600 kit last year.

If and when these reports are confirmed, it could spell a new era in DJI’s own product output. Being able to draw more on the caliber and experience of a world-renowned camera manufacturer such as Hasselblad is sure to reap plenty of benefits when it comes to the design and manufacture of new DJI equipment. No doubt the Chinese drone company’s tech and market rivals will be eyeing this acquisition with some trepidation.

Andrew Maxwell

Andrew is a former journalist who now works as a freelance writer specializing in tech and gadgets. He currently resides in Thailand.

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