DroneGuard Backpack 450 AW by Lowepro

For a serious aerial photographer / videographer, the only other thing that is precious besides his camera is the drone.

Knowing this, Lowepro has recently introduced another backpack to its DroneGuard™ collection: the DroneGuard Backpack 450 AW.

With the tagline ‘Go Above and Beyond! Purpose-built packs to take your quadcopter ANYWHERE!’, Lowepro says the 450 AW was designed to safely and comfortably pack your quad over distances and into ANY environment to capture that awesome shot, a backpack designed by drone enthusiasts for drone enthusiasts.

Reasonably light at 2.81 kg / 6.18 lbs, the backpack can carry most quadcopters like the DJI Phantom, 3DR Solo, other similar drones and quad kits comfortably.

In fact, you can rest easy knowing the armoured FormShell™ construction is protecting your quadcopter in an impact-resistant frame which can also act as a level launch-pad.

Besides providing a place for your drone and its accessories, there is also storage for a 10-inch tablet and personal items. Furthermore, the DroneGuard™ padded dividers and accessory boxes can also be reconfigured to fit different equipment as your gear changes and grows.

Additional features include: SlipLock™; zippered side pockets; built-in All Weather AW Cover™ to protect your gear from rain, snow, dust and sand.

“Our design and development teams are drone enthusiasts who fly, almost daily, and build their own drones,” said Tim Grimmer, vice president of brand and product.

In designing a quadcopter backpack, they knew that functionality, comfort and protection from the elements were of high importance. After all, it is from their direct experiences, and those of our expanding user community, that our product solutions for DroneGuard are born.

The DroneGuard Backpack 450 AW is available for £220. For more details, visit the Lowepro website.

Adrin Sham

Adrin Sham is a designer and photographer turned drone enthusiast. Since buying a drone for aerial photography some years ago, he has since developed a passion for UAVs and all things related.

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