JXD 509W (In-Depth Review)

At first glance, the Jin Xing Da (JXD) 509W looks like a knock-off mini toy version of the Yuneec Q500. But once you start flying it, you’ll discover that beneath the gimmicky appearance is one fantastic toy quadcopter that will impress even seasoned enthusiasts.

Priced at about $80, the 509W clearly wasn’t designed to compete with professional aerial photography drones such as the Q500 or the Phantom 3 which can cost well over $1,000. The 509W is actually an advanced toy-grade quadcopter (for its price range) that can take some very impressive videos thanks to its highly stable flight performance.

The JXD 509W, which features wifi control and video transmission, also comes in two other variants — the 509G with 5.8GHz FPV and the 509V which is the basic and most affordable version that has a camera but does not feature any kind of FPV.

  • Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 96mm
  • Diagonal motor distance: 227mm
  • Motor size: 9mm
  • Weight: 140g (with battery and camera)
  • Flight time: 5 to 8 minutes
  • Battery: 3.7V 600mAh 30C Li Po
  • Charging time: 60 – 90 minutes
  • Control distance: approximately 50m
  • Transmitter power: 4 x 1.5V AA batteries (not included)
Altitude Hold

Altitude hold used to be a feature found only on more advanced drones such as the Phantom 3 but has started trickling down recently into the sub-$100 toy drone segment. This is certainly good news for anyone shopping for toy quadcopters today.

Altitude hold makes flying a drone so much more easy and this feature is very well implemented in the 509W. To keep its altitude consistent, a barometer in the drone is used to keep track on air pressure. The 509W attempts to keep this air pressure reading consistent by adjusting its propulsion accordingly to compensate for altitude gains or loss.

On the pilot’s side, keeping the 509W hovering steadily in the air at a set altitude is very simple — just let go of the throttle stick at 50% and the barometer will work its magic, helping the 509W keep its altitude within an envelope of about 1 to 2 feet. To make things easier for the pilot, the throttle stick has been configured to be self-centering at 50% which is the level needed to hover the 509W. Moving the 509W up or down is as simple as increasing throttle power or reducing it.

Although the 509W isn’t the first toy quadcopter to feature a barometer (the XK X260-B we tested about 2 months ago also has one), it is certainly the only toy quadcopter we’ve tested so far that actually features altitude hold. Interestingly, the X260 does not feature altitude hold despite having a barometer. We’re guessing that the barometer is used in the X260 merely to assist in its flight performance.

Flight Performance

Complementing its altitude hold feature is the 509W’s excellent flight performance. The 509W is amazingly stable in the air and responds very well to pilot input. This stable flight performance is characteristic of the latest generation of toy quadcopters of which the 509W belongs to.

3 speed modes are available — low, medium and high. Low speed mode is best used when you’re trying to take videos or photos and is also the best mode to use if you need the 509W to fly around at slow and steady speeds. High speed mode releases the 509W’s full potential where speed is concerned and flying angles become very aggressive to accompany the sporty flying performance.

Like other toy quadcopters in the same price segment, the 509W also comes with “headless” mode and “0ne-key return”.  Headless mode is a feature which allows you to fly your drone without worrying where its front is facing. When headless mode is turned on, the drone will fly in any direction you order it relative to your transmitter’s position, irrespective of where its front or “head” is facing. So if your drone has its front facing right at you, it will move to the left if you push your right control stick to the left. Take note that the drone’s “front” direction is determined when “headless” mode is triggered and will remain the same until you turn headless mode off.

The 509W transmitter has dedicated buttons for "headless" mode and "one key return".

The 509W transmitter has dedicated buttons for “headless” mode and “one key return”.

“One-key return” is a feature that allows the drone to “fly” back to its launching site. Since the 509W is not a GPS-enabled drone, this feature doesn’t really cause the drone to fly back to the exact spot where it was launched. Instead, the 509W will simply fly back in the direction it was launched from. For example, if the 509W was facing north when it was launched, it will merely fly southwards when this feature is triggered.

This feature was designed specifically to be used when a pilot has lost orientation of a drone and hopes to get it flying back to where it was launched. The feature isn’t exactly perfect as the drone will just continue flying “back” but may come in handy if a pilot is too disoriented to figure out how to prevent the drone from flying away.

The 509W can also perform 360 degree flips although this isn’t exactly its forte. The 509W has a rather peculiar way of flipping — it will rise some 1 or 2 feet into the air before performing the flip so if you’re thinking of doing some aerial acrobats with the 509W, make sure it has enough headroom to do so.

The 509W also feels cumbersome during flips and can sometimes struggle to recover from them, especially when battery power is low.

Equipped with a 3.7V 600mAh Li Po battery, the 509W has a flight time of about 5 to 8 minutes which is average for its size.


The most impressive feature of the 509W is its ability to take reasonably stable aerial videos. Being a sub-$100 toy quadcopter, the 509W’s video performance isn’t exactly in the same league as more expensive aerial photography drones such as the Phantom 3 but within that price range it is probably one of the best, if not the best.

This is largely due to its highly stable flying performance assisted by its superb altitude hold feature. Under highly ideal conditions where there is little to no wind at all, aerial videos taken with the 509W is simply a class above all other toy quadcopters we’ve tested to date.

The only beef I have with its camera is the narrow field-of-view (FOV). Although this narrow FOV is a great way to reduce distortion, the FOV on the 509W’s camera is a bit too narrow for my liking. Also, a camera that has a wider FOV can take in more of the scenery below and also help reduce the effects of camera shake since the 509W does not feature any kind of gimbal stabilizer.

The 509W’s camera features WiFi FPV which can be accessed via the Exploration UFO app on your smartphone. Videos and photos from the camera are also stored on your smartphone or tablet via the app. The 509W’s camera does not allow you to record files onto a micro SD card in the camera itself.

As with any other WiFi equipped toy quadcopter, FPV on the 509W suffers from high latency which gets worse as the drone flies further away from your smart device. For the best FPV experience, I recommend getting the 509G which features 5.8GHz FPV. The 509G does not suffer from the high latency problem that affects all WiFi camera drones.

The Exploration UFO app also allows you to control the 509W via onscreen controls that mimic the conventional transmitter via a WiFi connection to the drone. Although this may sound like a cool idea, it is not exactly the best way to fly the 509W since WiFi latency can adversely affect your handling of the drone, resulting in unpredictable flight behavior which may result in crashes.


Despite its few shortcomings, the 509W is arguably one of the best toy quadcopters currently available on the market. The JXD brand itself is relatively new in the world of multirotors but that doesn’t stop the 509W from impressing me with its fantastic flying performance and stability in the air.

The 509W is also one of the few toy quadcopters available today that features altitude hold — a feature that was once only available in more expensive hobby-grade drones. Altitude hold is a key reason why the 509W is so much fun to fly and sets it apart from the competition.

If there is one thing I would like to see improved in the 509W is the ability to record videos and photos onto a memory card in the camera itself instead of on a smartphone or tablet. The current method of recording simply captures all the imperfections in the WiFi FPV system which includes latency lags that can make videos appear like slideshows. It also fails to impress when it comes to aerial acrobatics.

However, in a market dominated by brands such as Syma, the JXD 509W stands out as one of those hidden gems that have plenty to reward those who take the effort to dig deep enough. This is one model that would make it into my top five most recommended toy quadcopters for this year.

JXD 509W

JXD 509W


8.5 /10


8.7 /10

Features and Performance

9.0 /10

Flight Time

8.0 /10

Build Quality

8.3 /10


  • Altitude Hold
  • Affordable
  • Exceptionally stable flight and videos
  • Can take a lot of abuse


  • FPV suffers from WiFi latency lag
  • Video and images not stored in camera memory card
  • Exploration UFO app does a poor job in controlling drone
  • Not the best in aerial acrobatics

Adrin Sham

Adrin Sham is a designer and photographer turned drone enthusiast. Since buying a drone for aerial photography some years ago, he has since developed a passion for UAVs and all things related.

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70 Responses

  1. James says:

    Which one should I buy? The JXD 509G (FPV) or the XK X260A? I think in your review you gave the 260 an 8.6 vs the 509G with an 8.5.

    • admin says:

      The JXD 509G is clearly the better choice. The X260A review was published 2 months ago so it would not be fair to compare its rating directly with the 509G’s which was published just a week ago.

  2. Budiman says:

    How to connect the exploration ufo to the drone? Sorry cause silly question, it was my first time to play this one.

    • admin says:

      Turn on your drone first, it will set up its own WiFi hotspot. Then connect your phone to the drone’s WiFi hotspot before you turn on the app. You should be able to view the video feed. If this doesn’t work, close the app and try reconnecting to the drone’s WiFi hotspot before turning on the app again.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Hey there,
    I’d like to know if this drone is “crash resistant” as some people claims on RCGroup forum? Can you confirm/deny that information?


    • admin says:

      “crash resistant” is a very subjective term. I would say the 509W is very crash resistant and that most toy drones that were released at the end of last year were designed to be very durable compared to toy drones that were released 1 year ago or earlier.

      The 509W’s fuselage is protected at the bottom by the flexible landing legs which can absorb a lot of impact during a crash.

      Its motor arms are also quite flexible (compared to a Syma X5C) and can protect the fuselage from hard impacts on the sides, front, rear and top.

      Overall, the plastics used on the 509W is reasonably flexible and can absorb a lot of impact.

      I have never seriously crashed my 509W so I can’t confirm anything here but I do feel that the 509W is very durable. With such flexible plastic, I’m not surprised why it can take a lot of beating and still fly.

  4. Neil says:

    Whats the WIFI range on this?

    • admin says:

      With an unobstructed line of sight, the WiFi FPV range is about 60m. FPV feed starts suffering from serious lag at around 50m. It works fine at distances of 50m or less.

  5. kamal bahrin says:

    i have just received the jxd 509W. First flight with real video feed is good .On my second flight the real video feed goes blank on my handphone even though the application controls still works. I have tried reinstalling the application but still the video feed is blank. Can you figure out how i can rectify this.
    Kamal bahrin

    • admin says:

      Are you connected to the drone’s WiFi hotspot? Maybe your phone somehow lost connection with the hotspot and revert back to some other hotspot automatically, like your home WiFi.

      Occasionally I face the same problem too. What I do is restart my phone, turn off the drone and turn it on again, reconnect my phone to its WiFi and then turn on the app. It usually works that way.

      • Troy says:

        Hey I’ve just received my pioneer UFO JD509 and it seems to faulty I fully charged the batteries and LCD screen when I place the battery into the unit and turn it on the led don’t turn on only the lights for the camera come on what could be causing this???

        • Adrin Sham says:

          I assume you’re using the 509G when you mentioned monitor. The front and rear lights on the drone should turn on after you insert the battery and turn the power switch on. If they don’t turn on, the drone itself might be faulty and you need to return it to the seller for an exchange.

  6. Yves Robichon says:

    I bought a Pioneer UFO JXD 509W drone. I succeeded in starting it with a Smartphone Android Samsung. But not with the transmitter.

    It does not start anymore as there is a continued blinking of the lights even when connected to wifi. The camera works, but the motors wont start and the lights continues blinking at fast rate, no more connection with operating functions. Is there a missing code ? In manual, it is written in bad english to recode it so to work good again. The wifi ID is WiFiUFO-8D99E9.

    How do I recode it ? Or is it a malfunction of the machine I bought in Hong Kong ?

    • admin says:

      Hi Yves,

      Did you bind your transmitter to the drone first? Fast blinking lights are usually an indicator that the drone has not been bound to a transmitter.

      To bind your transmitter:

      1) Turn on the drone and wait till you see blinking lights
      2) Turn on the transmitter, transmitter light should start blinking
      3) Move the throttle stick up and then down, the transmitter light and drone lights should stop blinking after you do this which means the binding process is complete.

      Bear in mind that weak batteries in the transmitter can also cause binding problems.

      • Billy T says:

        I turn on the drone after charging it and nothing happens. No lights go on. The remote/ When I turn it on The Blue Light starts Blinking. When i move the throttle up and down it stays blue. and nothing happens after that. The Camera Receiver doesn’t work at all either.

  7. Yves Robichon says:

    Yes, I have tried all this binding.
    It does not bind neither to the transmitter, and neither to the app “EXPLORATION UFO” on my Android Samsung smartphone or even my old Iphone 4.
    They mention to recode in the manual. Do they simply mean to rebind ? Or is there a way to physically bind the quadcopter with the transmitter so they can recognize themselves again ?
    I tried to contact JINXINGDA TOYS through email in English, but I had no reply from them. Perhaps, they do not speak English at all, or they are not very much after sales oriented.
    Thank you so much for taking care.

  8. Yves Robichon says:

    I must add that it does bind with “EXPLORATION UFO” through wifi, but only for the camera, and not for the motor functionning of the quadcopter. The battery is fully charged, as it does indicate a 4 Volts at its pole.
    I could start the motor the first time with “EXPLORATION UFO” apps, but not anymore, after I also tried the transmitter to connect with the quadcopter.
    My friend is a electronic technician, so we could open the quadcopter if a reinitialization was possible with the power supply of the Quadcopter, but… is it possible ?
    Thanks again !

    • admin says:

      Sorry for the late reply Yves, didn’t notice this. I think it’s better for you to request the seller for a replacement. It looks like there’s something faulty with your unit. The only way to prove this is to try the binding process with another copy of the drone and see if it works.

  9. admin says:

    What player are you using to view the videos? Try using VLC Media Player, it works for most formats. You can download it here:


  10. Wiktor says:

    Hello, for some reason the files are getting corrupted and i cant play them back any more. The first six videos were fine but now they have become corrupt every time. do you know how i can fix this?

  11. Pedro Miguel says:

    hey, do you know if the camera that comes with it can be removed and kinda replaced with a gopro like camera? Can the drone lift with a gopro attached to it’s body?

    • Adrin Sham says:

      Hi Pedro, the 509W is too small to carry a GoPro or similar action cameras. For a GoPro, you need at least a Syma X8G but I’d rather stick with a 360-size drone that has brushless motors if I wanted to carry a GoPro. For toy-grade quadcopters, carrying anything more expensive than an SJ4000 is not a good idea.

      • Pedro Miguel says:

        I was looking for a drone to carry the gitup git2, wich is like the SJ4000, so nothing expensive. Was thinking on Syma X8G or X8HG or these JXD 509/510W/G

        • Adrin Sham says:

          The Syma X8G can carry your Git2, it’s a lot larger than the 509/510 and was made for such action cams. I’m not sure about the X8HG because it has altitude hold and may cause problems when flying above 20 meters (especially in wind).

      • Pedro Miguel says:

        Or is there another drone, between 50-100$ range that could do that job? the camera I’m talking about weights about 65g


        • Adrin Sham says:

          For your camera, you need a toy drone that has a diagonal motor size of at least 350mm. Toy drones in the $50-100 range are usually a lot smaller than that and cannot handle that kind of payload (carrying action cams like the Git2). The only toy drone from a reputable brand that I can think of is the Syma X8G.

          • Pedro Miguel says:

            What is the difference beteween X8C, W or G, despite the FPV system on the X8W and considering that the camera that comes with the drone it’s not really important since it would be replaced


          • Adrin Sham says:

            All 3 drones are essentially the same with different color schemes. The main difference is in the cameras. If you want to mount a GoPro, then buy an X8C and get a GoPro mount for it (sold separately). The X8G comes with Syma’s own action camera but the mount doesn’t fit GoPros although it looks very similar to a GoPro mount. Don’t get the X8G if you don’t intend to use its camera.

          • Ankush Kaul says:

            I had same question and you answered most of it 🙂 Thanks. Just one more thing would JJRC X1 be a better option than XGC as its brushless? Also would you recommend it for a beginner?

          • Adrin Sham says:

            I’d go for the JJRC X1. The brushless motors make a huge difference. The only advantage the X8C has over the X1 is it’s bigger (better wind resistance) and has a camera. And the camera is nothing to brag about. The X1 would make a great trainer drone for beginners. It’s also newer.

          • Ankush Kaul says:


  12. Daniel Wedrat says:

    Hi, i have a jxd509 doesn’t have G, or W after it so not sure if it’s one of the first or not. My problem is when the camera is plugged into “wifi” it won’t come up on my phone so not sure if it’s faulty or just doesn’t have this option.
    Also I can save to the sd but once I get it on the computer, iOS/iPhone won’t recognise the video. How do I get the video from sd to the iPhone ? Thanks

    • Adrin Sham says:

      As far as I know, there are only two variants of the 509. The 509W features a WiFi FPV camera but no SD card slot because the files are transmitted to your phone and saved there via the app. The 509G’s camera has a SD card slot and does not save files on your phone. It also comes with a 5.8G FPV monitor. Both cameras on these two models look identical.

      Since your camera has a SD card slot, I assume you have a 509G. It should come with an FPV monitor. Did you buy it used or brand new? If new, is there any link you can share to show where you bought it?

      Files saved on the 509G’s camera should be able to play on PC and Mac. Have you tried viewing the files on a PC or Android phone?

      • Daniel Wedrat says:

        Ok well that makes sense, I’d have the 509G in that case. It has the slot and monitor, and works fine with the monitor just doesn’t show up on the iPhone in the wifi connection.

        I actually got it given to me from a hobby shop. Was new but their test model so don’t have details or recept.

        I have tried on the pic and can view just wondering if you need to conver files to view and transfer to a iPhone?

        • Daniel Wedrat says:

          Sorry, I have tried on the *pc

        • Adrin Sham says:

          The 509G’s video downlink can only be viewed using a 5.8G FPV monitor. It cannot be viewed on a smartphone using WiFi since WiFi is a different frequency altogether. As for the files, maybe you can try using a different card to record. Sometimes, memory cards can become faulty. You should use a Class 10 memory card for recording videos, anything slower might cause problems.

          You can also upload a short 10 second video to YouTube and see if it can be viewed there. If the files are corrupted, then YouTube won’t be able to process the video. Since you can view the video feed on your FPV monitor, then I think the camera and FPV transmitter are fine. Either your memory card is faulty or the memory card slot on the camera is.

  13. Fiona says:

    Hi do you know if you can put an SD or a micro SD card in and record the footage to watch later?

    • Adrin Sham says:

      The JXD 509W does not have a memory card slot. All photos and videos are saved on your smartphone via the app.

  14. earl wilkinson says:

    Okay you say this could be one of your top 5 picks for the year. Would you list the other 4 for me and others to review? Thanks!

  15. Ed says:

    Having charging issues. Does the JD509 indicator turn green or stays red when fully charged. B/c the light quickly turned on and went off. Thx

    • Adrin Sham says:

      When charging, the light turns off. When the battery is full, the charger will display a red light.

      If the red light’s not on, that means the battery is still charging, unless you have a faulty charger.

      I have to admit this is very confusing and JXD should have just stuck to red for charging, and green for full battery. But I guess they’re more keen at cutting costs.

  16. rassie etchells says:

    Good day. Does the drone jxd 509w record video with sound

  17. jose granizo maldonado says:

    En ell control de altitud..es posible subir a 3 mts…el mio vuela a dosmpies del suelo,será porque practico en interior?…..un saludo

  18. will says:

    I’m currently shopping for an inexpensive first model to mess around with (<$100). Compared to the other JXD offerings, the 509W seems oddly out-of-place. The cheaper JXD509V records video to an SD card and while it doesn't have FPV, the 509W technically doesn't either. The 509G records to SD, has FPV and a superior camera.
    It seems like the 509W is the odd cousin out. Can anyone comment on reports of the 509 series FLYING AWAY on it's own, anything else I should look out for? Or any additional models? I'm not leaning toward Syma because I'd like a little more range. Thanks

    • Adrin Sham says:

      Fly aways affects all brands of toy drones and there are many reasons why a fly away can happen. Sometimes, it is due to interference from powerful WiFi routers or telco radio towers. The 509W makes a great drone for first timers although its not perfect. There is also the newer 510W and Syma X5HW. The UDI U818A is worth mentioning also because it is very durable and can take more abuse than most toy drones.

  19. Ruca says:


    I bought this small quadcopter just for fun, nothing serious. My only question is if I can buy some batteries that will make the flight time a bit longer.
    It comes with 30c batteries, will it fly with 800mha or 1000mha 25c?

    Best Regards!

    • Adrin Sham says:

      I have not tried larger batteries but I think you might be able to get a slightly longer flight time (about 1 minute more) with a 800mah or 1000mah battery. If the battery’s dimension is the same as the original one, then it can fit the battery bay. Anything larger just won’t fit.

      Using a battery that has a slightly lower discharge rate might result in a slight loss in throttle response. This is fine if you’re not someone who flies aggressively.

      Also, bear in mind that larger batteries don’t always guarantee longer flight times because the extra weight of the battery somewhat offsets whatever gains you get in flight times. It is a Catch 22 situation. Drone manufacturers usually know the sweet spot between battery weight/capacity and flight time and will ship their drones with batteries that have the most optimum weight/size for each drone.

  20. James Keough says:


    I have just bought the GoolRC 509W Drone with Camera Live Video Wifi FPV RC Quadcopter with APP Control & Gravity Motion Sensor function for Android/IOS,Altitude Hold & Headless Mode & One Key Return . I have tried flying and on all occasions is has taken off very quickly and shot off to the right no matter which direction I aim it in. I have tried everything including altering the trim etc and it just shoots off every time. I nearly lost it once and had no control over it. Please can you advise what I need to do or is this just not working properly.


    • Adrin Sham says:

      The two most common causes for this problem are tight/faulty motors or a faulty transmitter.

      Check to see if all four motors are spinning on equal power. You can do this by pressing the Start button and just let the motors spin at idle speed while the drone is still on the ground. If the cause of the problem is due to faulty motors then the two motors on the right side should be spinning significantly slower than the two on the left which causes the drone to fly to the right when you take off. You can also check to see if the props on the right side are a lot tighter than the ones on the left side. You can check by spinning the props manually by hand when the motors are not running to check for tightness.

      If you feel the motors are all spinning fine then the cause could be a faulty transmitter which has an aileron input (right stick if you’re in Mode 2) permanently stuck to the right, although your control stick appears to be centered. To find out if its the transmitter, try flying the 509W using the virtual transmitter controls on the app. If it’s your transmitter that is faulty, then the 509W should fly properly when you’re piloting it using the app.

      Hope that helps.

  21. Desiree says:

    Hello, I bought a 509G and I am not able to take it off. I try to do the calibration for level correction without success. Please, can you help?

  22. ern says:

    Thanks for your great reviews! Having reviewed both this JXD 509W and the similar Syma X5HW, I was wondering which you would recommend for a beginner like myself?

    Also is the camera on this JXD 509W removable (like the Syma’s) to perhaps get a slightly longer flight time? Thanks!

    • Adrin Sham says:

      Both quads are quite similar in performance but I think the JXD is more durable because its plastic can flex more. The Syma body will crack if bent too far. Yes, the camera on the JXD is removable and you’ll get longer flight if you remove it. It will improve handling as well.

      • ern says:

        Thanks for the quick reply! One more thing: not sure if you got to try the newer 510W, but is there any significant difference between the 509W and 510W other than aesthetics? Been searching around and they seem to have the same features, performance etc.

        Thanks once again! Really love reading the stuff you have on this site and it’s awesome that you take time to engage us readers. 🙂

  23. Sharpie says:

    I just bought a JXD 509 to do some wedding video and now the 3 batteries won’t charge and I am unable to turn it on. Is there a trick to it? More flight time would be good!

    • Adrin Sham says:

      If all 3 batteries won’t charge, then I believe you might have a faulty charger. Do you have a multi-meter? Try checking to see if there’s any voltage/current at the charging terminals. Sometimes it could be a bad connection. Try wriggling the terminals when they’re connected when charging.

  24. stirling haskett says:

    hi i have the 509w when i first used the app ufo exploration it connected got red light cam feed and now it wont connect just says obtaining ip address

  25. Luyon says:

    My monitor says no signal,any one now what to do? jDX 509G

    • Adrin Sham says:

      By signal, I guess you mean to say the 5.8G FPV signal? Was it working previously? Your camera’s FPV transmitter could be fried or damaged. Does the camera still record videos and photos?

  26. Karl says:

    Hello. No matter what I do my Samsung 6 connects to the quad easily, however, when I open the ufo app it just shows the mountain scenery and nothing else. It will not show me a live feed. Any ideas?

    • Adrin Sham says:

      I assume your phone has connected to the drone’s WiFi hotspot first before you open the app. If this is the case then the app should show the life feed. If it doesn’t then maybe the FPV camera is faulty. My guess is it is broadcasting a WiFi hotspot but the camera isn’t capturing any video feed to be transmitted via WiFi. Replacing the camera might solve this problem.

  27. jean jacques says:

    When I turn on the aplication witout the drone wifi hotspot, it shows me the contreols, and everything. But when I connect my phone to the drone’s wifi, all controls disapear, and I just see the FPV. And the photo buton on my remote control doesn’t work :'( Have you got a clue ?

  28. Jorge Galvan says:

    Seems to be that this company lower the quality of this product, We received about a 100 pieces of this model, but the flight time with brand new batteries is only 2:00 – 3:00 at most, we open the drones and main board looks different (lower quality) anyone had the same problem???

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