10 Best Drones for Beginners (2017)

Whether you’re new to quadcopters and looking for something light and easy to play around with … or an aspiring drone pilot looking for a trainer drone to hone your flying skills, toy drones are a great way to start familiarizing yourself with the world of multirotors. With so many different models out there, shopping for a toy drone can be quite a daunting task. Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular beginner toy drones to help in your shopping decisions.


All models in this list have been selected based on how suitable they are for beginners. Nine of these drones are ready-to-fly models which means they have everything you need to fly right out of the box. The only exception here is the FuriBee F90 which requires a compatible radio transmitter of your choice (sold separately). The F90 also requires a little bit more RC knowledge to operate.

Originally, this list was published in early 2015. A lot has changed since then and the list has now been updated to show the latest and most popular beginner toy drones in the market today.

  • Editor's Choice
  • Best Value
Model Name
  • Syma X5UW
  • JXD 510G
  • JJRC H36
  • JJRC H20H
  • WLToys Q282G
  • MJX X601H
  • Cheerson CX-10WD
  • JJRC H31
  • Syma X8HG
  • FuriBee F90
  • $70
  • $80
  • $17
  • $20
  • $48
  • $57
  • $43
  • $29
  • $110
  • $87
  • 320 x 320 x 70mm
    (230mm diagonal)
  • 300 x 300 x 96mm
  • 85 x 85 x 30mm
    (65mm diagonal size)
  • 110 x 100 x 30mm
  • 173 x 173 x 53mm
  • 455 x 410 x 135mm
    (290mm motor distance)
  • 62 x 62 x 28mm
  • 310 x 310 x 72mm
  • 480 x 480 x 170mm
    (without prop guards)
  • 90mm diagonal size
  • 118g
    (without prop guards)
  • 144g
    (without prop guards)
  • 22g
  • 21g
  • 50g
  • 190g
    (without prop guards)
  • 18g
  • 76g
  • 617g
    (without prop guards)
  • n/a
  • 3.7V 500mAh
  • 3.7V 600mAh
  • 3.7V 150mAh
  • 3.7V 150mAh
  • 3.7V 500mAh
  • 7.4V 700mAh
  • 3.7V 150mAh
  • 3.7V 400mAh
  • 7.4V 2000mAh
  • 7.4V 400mAh
  • WiFi FPV
    (0.3MP camera)
  • 5.8G FPV
    (2MP camera)
  • -
  • -
  • 5.8G FPV
    (2MP camera)
  • WiFi FPV
    (0.3MP camera)
  • WiFi FPV
    (0.3MP camera)
  • -
  • 8MP stills / HD 1080P video at 30fps
  • 5.8G FPV
    (600TVL camera)
Altitude Hold
Syma X5UW


The all-new X5UW is arguaby the best X5 Syma has produced to date and also one of the most well-rounded toy drones in the market today. It is very well built and flies remarkably well. Despite having altitude hold, it actually performs flips very well (toy drones with altitude hold tend to be a bit clumsy when flipping). It also features the best camera Syma has ever put on an X5, capable of taking decent HD 0.3MP videos. And that transmitter really looks sleek and stylish despite lacking an LCD status screen. Click here to read our full review of it. The X5UW is also available with a higher resolution 2MP camera for those who want better image quality. Click here for more details on the 2MP version.

JXD 510G


The 510G is the updated version of the 509G. It is essentially the same quadcopter with a new body and altitude hold. Priced well below $100, it is quickly becoming one of the most popular sub-$100 5.8G FPV toy drones around thanks to the popularity its predecessor had built. Click here to read our full review of it.



This is one great micro toy drone for kids. Its ducted 3-blade propellers means it’s very unlikely to cause any injury or damage to anyone when it crashes or gets out of control. It is also a very stable flier and has a very fast yaw rate (in High speed mode). For the more adventerous, the H36 can also be converted into a Tiny Whoop by simply adding an all-in-one 5.8G FPV camera to it. Click here for the full review.



The H20H is the updated version of the popular H20 micro hexacopter and costs only $20. It features altitude hold and makes a great sport flier for those who love pushing their piloting skills to their limits. Hexacopters have a lot more power and agility in the air compared to their quadcopter counterparts which is another reason why you’d want to get the H20H if you’re into aggressive flying.

WLToys Q282G


Like the H20H, the Q282G is yet another micro hexacopter but with a much larger size and a 5.8G FPV camera. Best of all, it costs only $48 shipped and comes with everything you need (monitor included) for a great FPV experience. For an even more immersive flying experience, ditch the monitor and pair the Q282G with an affordable FPV headset.



Being a hexacopter, the X601H is a lot of fun to fly and is one of the best mini drones in MJX’s current lineup. Due to its size and a total of six motors, the X601H makes a great outdoor flier. It also has some really good looks and an impressive flight time. Click here to read the full review.

Cheerson CX-10WD


This is the latest and most advanced CX10 nano quadcopter and it comes with its own transmitter that also doubles as a cool-looking carrying case. It makes a great gift for both kids and adults. Build quality is very impressive for a product that costs only $43 shipped. The CX-10WD is also very easy to fly and stable thanks to its altitude hold feature. Click here to read our full review of it.

Syma X8HG


The the X8HG is the juggernaut of the list and comes shipped with its very own action camera capable of shooting 8MP stills and HD 1080P video. Image quality on the X8HG is almost as good as an SJ4000 and the X8HG is one of the few toy drones around that lets you lift GoPro size action cameras in the air for less than $200. Third party mounts are also available for those who want to lift their own action cameras such as the SJ4000 or GoPro. Click here to read our full review of it.

FuriBee F90


The FuriBee F90 is a 90mm ready-to-fly Tiny Whoop with an integrated 5.8G wide angle FPV camera. It also features the popular SP Racing F3 Evo flight controller for brushed motors — the most advanced FC in this list. Though we expect it to be a lot of fun to fly indoors (especially with an FPV headset), the F90 isn’t exactly a beginner’s drone due to the fact that you need to purchase a compatible radio transmitter for it. It also requires some basic understanding of RC technology. Nevertheless, with a little bit of effort in learning, any beginner can quickly get acquainted with this excellent little flier.

Adrin Sham

Adrin Sham is a designer and photographer turned drone enthusiast. Since buying a drone for aerial photography some years ago, he has since developed a passion for UAVs and all things related.

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  1. Tom F says:

    I’m very surprised to see the Syma X12 did not make this list. It’s an awesome little copter.

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  3. Half Chrome says:

    The good old Syma X5C-1 is a solid beginner drone. Don’t forget about that one. http://www.halfchrome.com/best-drones-now/

  4. FPV Racer says:

    These micro drones are amazing, FuriBee F90 is a little beas. If anyone is looking for a beginner drone specifically to race i suggest checking out:

  5. Nice post!! Thanks for sharing this kind of information.It’s beneficial for beginners.

  1. October 26, 2016

    […] us speak about the two most common approaches to getting into the quadcopter fad. Initially, we shall include toy grade versions or the well-known mini drones and then we will […]

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