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The Staaker Makes a Good Stalker

Innovative Norweigian tech startup Staaker has come up with epic cinematography’s answer to the selfie. As the industry continues to focus on developing drones to film other people – actors, sportspeople and live events – Staaker has come up with something decidedly new.

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How to Build a Quadcopter — Part 8 (Wrapping it Up)

Now that the ESCs have been calibrated, there are some minor tweaks that need to be done to the transmitter and FC. The FS-T6 transmitter has 6 channels and 4 of them are assigned to the control sticks. This means there are 2 more channels (called auxiliary channels) remaining that can be assigned to other flight features.

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FPV Racing Takes Off to a Whirring Start in Malaysia

The past two years has witnessed the rise of FPV racing in Malaysia with the Ecoworld Multi Grand Prix Kuala Lumpur being the latest event in a fast-growing sport that is attracting a rapidly growing fan base in the country.

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Drone Racing Nationals Attracts 150 Competitors From Around the World

Recent years have seen the inevitable rise in popularity of rotorcopters in sports. From the first enthusiasts racing their drones around parks and woodland, the sport has spawned a number of national and international racing organizations, which are now vying to become top dog in a multimillion-dollar industry.

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Life-Saving Drones in Madagascar

Around the world, millions of people still live in remote villages. With no easy access to basic healthcare. With neither roads nor transport to seek medical healthcare. With no way to get the medical supplies or treatment needed for simple problems like cough or flu. Imagine if there is a quick and easy way to solve these issues.

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How to Build a Quadcopter — Part 7 (ESC Calibration)

With radio calibration done, it is time to solder the two remaining wires on each ESC to their corresponding motors. Each ESC has three wires that connect to one motor. A total of four wires were soldered on in Part 4 of this tutorial, each belonging to one ESC.

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How to Build a Quadcopter — Part 6 (Radio)

For your radio transmitter to communicate with the quadcopter, a radio receiver must first be installed. This part explains how do install a Fly Sky FS-T6 transmitter and its receiver.

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How to Build a Quadcopter — Part 5 (Flight Controller)

To set up the flight controller, the first thing you need to do is download and install Mission Planner on your computer. Power up Mission Planner and then connect your APM flight controller (FC) to your PC via a micro USB cable.

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